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Monday, 17 September 2012

Left-Wing Political agenda.

The Union Flag.

At present our secondary modern school education system only teaches 'Modern' history as a core curriculum  subject, whilst denying our children the knowledge of our Ancient British history. 

Only from the times of the invasions by the Romans, Jutes, Angles and Normans is now deemed worthy of educational study for our children. Our children are only being taught that the history of the British Isles and its peoples are only 2,000 years old and that Britons have never been the predominant peoples of these lands since AD58. 

Left-wing political agenda. 
This blatant misrepresentation and omission of our ancient peoples history in schools is also regulary presented to our children in film and TV. 

Media companies continually play the PC card and change or choose to ignore historical facts by casting Black or Asian characters to falsely imply that they have always been here in large numbers or played central roles in vital historical events. Put simply, the media and the left wing historians change history to suit their own political agenda and to use these lies to mislead and confuse our children and the general public. In recent productions like, King Arthur, Merlin, and Robin Hood, the producers falsify our history. The truth is that Black men and women lived in stastically insignificant numbers in Britain until the days of the Great British Empire and that Black and Asian Immigration has only become an issue in the latter part of the 20th Century. 

Todays media continue their attack on our British Culture with more misrepresentation seen Sky Atlantic's new series ''The British''  Episode 1, whilst playing fast and loose with historical facts, starts with the Romanised Britons and concludes with the usual '' What the Romans did for us'' stuff, as if there must have been nothing here worthy before the Romans came. It races through the story of Ancient Britain, barely recognising the history and the bloodline of the Indigenous Ancient people of these islands, The true Britons. 
The Socialist Ken Follett. 
We get the priviledge of hearing another profound statement from the prominent Labour Party supporter, Blairite, claiming ''We British are mongrels''. A statement we all know if said about any other peoples culture and origins we would either end up in court on a ''hate crime'', or would cause some kind of riot in some intolerable hellhole. While Follett may well think of himself as being of a mixed dog breed we Britons are certainly not Mongrels, and never we're. 

The discarded truth.
The discarded truth is the Ancient Britons we're the tribal Indigenous inhabitants of these islands and we'r ehere before any invaders stepped foot on our shores. These Britons existed as early as 12,000BC, born and bred on these isles, establishing thiers and our bloodline. The tribes of the Caledones, Taexali, Carvetii, Venicones, Brigantes, Trinovantes, and Iceni, to name but a few.

Druids at Stonehenge. 

Our Ancient people built Stonehenge around 3000years BC, as well as thousands of other  Ancient burial mounds and memorials, villages, towns, roads, most of which predate the Ancient Pyramids.

National Identity.
This was caused by a combination of historical events and their environment, these tribal Indigenous people existed with some differences between them. They developed their own bloodlines, they had national identities, customs, and a way of life each to their own ''nation areas'', what is now parts of England, Scotland and Wales, and as it is to this day when it came to do battle they would form allies and join forces against the common enemies as a ''British Army'', they we're fierce warriors, enough to give any ''invader'' a bloody battle when they tried to attack OUR land. One of the biggest fallacies perpetuated by modern historians, politicians, and the media is that anyone can become British, continually promoting the notion that if you buy a piece of paper and declare yourself a citizen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland you can consider yourself British. Citizenship is a commodity that can be purchased whereas National Identity, shared culture and bloodline cannot. as the saying goes, ''You can take the lad out of Yorkshire, but you cannot  take Yorkshire out of the lad'', 

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