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Sunday, 18 November 2012

Anti Immigration demo in Boston.

Wake up to immigration

Sunday 18th November saw the people of Boston and surrounding areas converge onto the streets of Boston in Lincolnshire to demonstrate against the forced immigration in their town, after years of this forced 'Genocide' the people have had enough, so they decided to come together and show the local council and the corrupt Government that ''ENOUGH IS ENOUGH'. Immigrants are coming from all corners of Europe and taking jobs, housing, putting strain on the NHS and creaming benefits. 

Locals displaying placards.

Placards sending a clear message to the establishment.

Crowds gathering in Boston.

At the start  of this demonstration over 300 people came together displaying placards and banners. Speakers we're appointed to orate to the gathered crowds, no arrests we're reported in this peaceful but powerful demonstration. Immigration is a now a serious issue in Boston and its time the blind Councilors and dodgy Politicians helped the people of Boston by stopping this madness how much more can they take ?. 

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