Saturday, 21 July 2012

IRA disrupted from marching in Liverpool.

The Irish Tri-colour,

Nationalists, Patriots, members from Combined ex Forces (CxF) and Loyalists from all over the UK converged onto the streets of Liverpool today to peacefully demonstrate against the march by the IRA and its supporters, among the IRA's supporters were a delegation of UNITE and UNISON union members along with the far-left anti-British Unite Against Fascism (UAF). 

Timeline of events.
Everyone from all the Nationalist parties along with Patriots and Loyalists from Scotland, Kent, Birmingham, Yorkshire, Manchester, Burnley, Oldham, Rochdale, Cheshire, Liverpool, Hull, Leeds, Newcastle, Sunderland, Wigan, St, Helens met up at the pre-planned Rendezvous point then were directed to a sleepy town just outside of Liverpool City Centre, they shook hands with one another and made good acquaintances, before they all headed to the City.

A long line of private hire taxi's drove the anti-IRA demonstrators into the heart of Liverpool City Centre, the atmosphere was electric to say the least, everyone was full of energy for the days events.

Merseyside Police started to mobilise to ensure their was significant safety not only to the public but to the anti-IRA demonstrators.

The reason for the demonstration was because the Liverpool Mayor and Labour leader of Liverpool City Council, Joe Anderson in his wisdom thought it would be a good idea to allow the IRA to march in the city, Merseyside Police also gave permission for the march to proceed. Crowds of angry locals started to swell to show their disgust at this march, the Police started to issue Section 60's ''Stop and Search'' on anyone they believed to be making a stand against this march, fueling anger even more so. One demonstrator was over heard saying '' Why are the Police searching us, we are only doing a peaceful protest, we have no intention to cause trouble''. Word quickly got round that the BBC presenter Donal Mcintyre would be on the IRA march and that he would try and get to St Georges Hall to hear the TUC, Alex McFadden and other left-wing speakers at their planned demo point to make speeches against everything that is British.

Donal calls ex servicemen ''rag tag'', has he no shame ?

A newspaper cutting written by Donal Mcintyre, a bit one sided.

Anti-IRA demonstrators making a stand.

During the demonstration an Inspector from Merseyside Police was over heard telling a serving Soldier he wasn't welcome in Liverpool, when in fact the soldier was indeed from Liverpool, he also told the soldier that he ''didnt care how many of his mates have been killed in Afghanistan'', and that he ''was only in Liverpool to cause trouble''. What a total disrespect by the Police towards our brave lads and lasses who are putting their lives on the line in a far away alien country like Afghanistan. He should be sacked at once and forced to make an apology not only to the soldier but to all the Armed Forces in general.

This is the Inspector who told the serving soldier he wasn't welcome in Liverpool.

The Irish Republican Flute Band, with children among its ranks.
Notice the Unison banner in the background.

Crowds gathering in Liverpool City Centre.

The IRA march in full swing after being disrupted.
Notice the Unison banner in the background.

The IRA must never be allowed to march on British soil ever, and the so called councilors, Politicians and the Police should hang their heads in shame for allowing this march to march to happen.


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  2. Well done to all , am always shoulder to shoulder with you . Long live nationalism .