Tuesday, 19 February 2013

IRA sympathisers march in Wakefield.

On Saturday 9th February around 100 IRA sympathisers congregated outside the Top Security prison in Wakefield.

IRA sympathisers and a Republican Flute band mustered outside Wakefield prison to march in memory of convicted IRA member Frank Stagg. Stagg died after 61 days on hungerstrike inside the prison in 1976. The Governor of the prison, West Yorkshire Police and the Labour run Wakefield Council gave permission for this march to take place. A small group consisting of Nationalists, Patriots and former members of HM Forces turned up to protest and to show their disgust not only to the authorities but to show the IRA they are not welcome on British soil.

There has been resentment to the IRA and its sympathisers marching in Liverpool over the last couple of years and now the left-wing appeasers are allowing the same thing to happen outside a high security prison.

The Republican marchers had planned to march the full perimeter of the prison and to lay flowers behind the prison against the impressive high walls of the prison, but they we're held back by just the small group of Nationalists, Patriots and Former members of HM Forces. They only managed to March about 100 yards before a young lad laid a small bunch of flowers against the prison wall. The National Anthem and other Loyalist songs we're loudly sung by the small group whilst the Republican ceremony was being conducted. 

Final thought.
Countless civilians including children and British Soldiers have been murdered at the hands of IRA terrorists, this we must never forget, for the authorities to allow terrorist sympathisers to march on British soil is an insult not only to the victims, but also to the victims families. The IRA sympathisers have vowed to go back to Wakefield to continue there memorial march to an IRA member. The finger of blame must be pointed at the Labour Councillors at Wakefield, West Yorkshire Police and the Governor of Wakefield prison for allowing the permission of this type of march to take place.

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