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Sunday, 16 September 2012

Azhar Ahmed, GUILTY.

Azhar Ahmed.

Azhar Ahmed from Ravensthorpe near Dewsbury finally attended Huddersfield Magistrates Court on Friday 14th September to face the Judge about his postings on a social networking site, he stood in the dock to confirm his name and address. The packed Public Gallery sat and listened to the Prosecution and the Defence, the Judge then ask for a break in proceedings so she could have an indepth look at some statements that we're brought to her attention, when the court resumed at 10:50am the Prosecution started to bring to the Judge's attention about what Ahmed had posted in Facebook, below. 

Ahmed's Facebook post

Ahmed denied it was ''grossly offensive'' but admitted to posting it just 2 days after the 6 British Soldiers we're killed by an explosion in Afghanistan, the Prosecution said '' It was the worst day in the history of this conflict that saw the heavy losses of British Troops'', Ahmed showed no feelings as he stood in the dock when the Prosecution questioned him about these postings, the Prosecution asked Ahmed what his nationality was and he replied at first Pakistani British, then later in the trial Ahmed said he was Pakistani, asked if Ahmed supported the Armed Forces of this country he said YES. So why did he post about the deaths of these Soldiers ?, this may never be known.The Prosecution also mention about Ahmeds Facebook Profile wall, he said that Ahmeds wall said '' Name-Azar Ahmed, Works- Fox's Biscuits (a lie), Lives- Guantanamo Bay, the look on the Judge's face said it all.  There was a massive media presence of this trial and a demonstration was carried out by 0ver 50 Patriots, Nationalists and members of the newly formed Combined Ex Forces (CxF) who turned up to show their disgust at Ahmed and to show their support for the 6 British Soldiers and their families. After a long day of waiting and listening, finally the verdict was announced, Azar Ahmed was found Guilty of posting the offensive comment on Facebook and will back at Huddersfield Court for sentencing after pre-sentencing reports have been viewed on 9th October. IT WILL BE VERY INTERESTING INDEED TO KNOW WHAT SENTENCE HE WILL RECEIVE. We all know what happened when Muslims set fire to the Sacred Poppy outside the Royal Albert Hall in London, a £50 fine was handed down. A serving Soldier was sent to prison for putting a pig's head outside a Mosque another Patriot was sent to prison for 8 months for shouting ''Muslim bombers off our streets'', Lets hope the Judge see's sense and gives Ahmed a jail sentence for insulting the 6 British Soldiers and the Families of these servicemen. 


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  1. Cameron sends our troops to the shitholes of the middleeast, and many of them Die, or get seriously wounded. So we demand that he takes notice of extremists who call these `Heros, Scum, And he insists that this Treacherous, Traitorous islamic thug receives the Harshest sentence available. If the courts can sentence people who wrote on facebook insighting a mere Riot to years imprisiment, Then an extremist who Slanders a Hero for defending his country should get ten years . But the fact thats he's a muslim our courts will be very lenient