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Friday, 6 April 2012

A vote for Nationalism is the only way.

The Ballot Box.

The local elections for 2012 are nearly upon us, the nominated candidates will soon be taking to the streets talking to the electorate trying to persuade them to cast their vote for their party. Its the only time of year that the nominated candidates actually get out and ply their wares to the general public, dishing out lies and deceit. The will promise to fix a street light or repair a fence, or even promise to fix the potholes that are blighting the roads after one of the worst winters on record. But what about the real issues that concern the public, take for instance the war in Afghanistan, or the UK's membership of the powerful EU ?. 

The Labour Party.

 The Labour Party, would you vote for a party like this that has changed the face of Britain with its open door policy and allowed 100,000's of illegal immigrants to flood into our country. Would you vote for this party that got Britain into £1.4 TRILLION debt ?, would you vote for this party knowing that Harriet Harman wanted to introduce sex education into children's schools for under 6's, would you vote for this party after a large number of its Councillors/activists have been exposed as paedophiles, Would you vote for this party if you knew about how it has changed from being a ''working mans'' party to a Marxist/Communist party ?. This party is responsible for the deaths of thousands of men women and children in foreign lands all in the name of greed for oil and other minerals and ores that this Earth has to offer. 

The Conservative Party.

The Conservative Party, would you vote for this party if you knew that they only cater for the rich and mega rich ?, would you vote for this party knowing full well that they are responsible for the decline in British industry such as the coalfields and the Steel industry ?. Would you vote for this party if you knew they are responsible for the thousands of deaths of men women and children in foreign lands for their quest for oil and minerals that this Earth has to offer ?. David Cameron promised a Referendum on the EU in his 2010 election manifesto promise in which he has now reneged on ?. 

The LIB/DEM'S don't deserve a platform on this blog so they will not get a mention because of their liberal attitudes, so enough said about them.

The only way this country will survive is if people use their vote wisely and that they think about the futures not only of this country but the future of their children and their children's children. The future of this country is Nationalism, and only Nationalism can reverse the dire situation that this country is in. Just because its the local elections does not mean it will not effect you and your way of life because it will. The 3 main party's are standing candidates in every ward in the country and they all follow the same policies and agenda's, don't be fooled into thinking just because they have fixed the broken fence or repaired the pothole that they offering their services they do this so they can get into the upper echelons of power in the Council Chambers so they can debate how to destroy more lives. Whether its the BNP, National Front or any other Nationalist party on the polling card remember these Nationalist candidates are standing because they are the ones that actually care about their communities and this country..

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