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Friday, 30 March 2012

Galloway and the Muslim vote.

George Galloway giving a 2 fingered salute in Bradford.

Thursday 29th March will be known as the ''Bradford Spring'' according to George ''the traitor'' Galloway, Galloway won an unprecedented so called victory over the Labour Party who incidentally have controlled this seat in Bradford West for over four decades, his landslide ''victory'' was the culmination of the Muslim vote, a staggering 18,341 votes, that's 56% of the actual turnout. Bradford is now a predominately a Muslim enclave, there is no wonder he got that many votes. George Galloway has in the past been a very colourful figure in British politics, he was booted out of the Labour Party in 2003 for what can only be called as his stance against Tony Blair and his stance on the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, Galloway went to Iraq and had a meeting with the then leader of Iraq Saddam Hussain, he also held rallies for ''free Palestine''. No less than 12 hours after Galloway was declared the winner, a lone Indigenous young man stood his ground and made his point and hurled eggs at Galloway and the office he was residing, whilst he was hurling these eggs, Galloway's supporters (Muslims) surrounded the young man and tried to forcefully move him away.

Galloway's ''important'' message.

Protester Thomas Johnson, 26, called Galloway a 'parasite.

Galloway in his infamous ''cat'' rendition.

Galloway when he was in the Big Brother house.

The changing face of Bradford.

If the white Indigenous people DON'T wake up very soon, then this country will be lost, and the Muslims will have the whip hand, and people like Galloway will be encouraging more of the same, what is more worrying is, that George Galloway has now a seat in Westminster and he is a voice for the Islamic community of Bradford West. There is specualtion that George Galloway could be a converted Muslim himself, just watch this video from Youtube and make you're own minds up, its pretty convincing..

Protester hurling eggs at George Galloway.

The future of OUR children is now at stake, and the future of OUR country is in doubt, unless you open you're eyes.......WAKE UP GREAT BRITAIN...

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