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Friday, 13 April 2012

Nationalists in Hemsworth.

Flash demonstration banner.

Video of the days flash demo.

 Saturday the 7th April was another day for demonstrations, this time in a former mining village called Hemsworth near Pontefract in West Yorkshire. This ''flash'' demonstration was called because of reports of a taxi firm in the village, one of the drivers for this taxi firm, namely HCL cars, has subjected one of his female passengers to what can only be called as sexual abuse. A call went out to all nationalist organisations to arrange for this ''flash'' demo, to make the sleeping public aware of this growing epidemic of sexual abuse and grooming by Muslims. Around 50 staunch nationalists from the NF, BNP, BPP, NWI, SYI gathered at the side of the road opposite the taxi firms office, after about 30 minutes the Police arrived and some of the officers stood outside the taxi office, what can only be described as they were guarding it, while the officers asked questions to the protesters. The Police didn't really have a clue what to do or say about the situation partly because of the sensitive nature of the allegations that had been made. 

Police arrive.

Just a few of the nationalists protesting.

While the demonstration was on going 2 young women approached the demonstrators and wanted to talk about their experiences at the hands of the drivers of the taxi firm, they wish to remain anonymous, when they told of those horrendous crimes the Police were notified and took details from the young women. Lets hope the Police do their jobs and investigate this company and its drivers. The message to West Yorkshire Police is very simple, investigate, make arrests, and close this firm down...If not this demonstration will be back and the number of the protesters will be enormous. 

HCL taxi firm.

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