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Sunday, 15 April 2012

The Queen, the truth.

The Queen, Treason and the Coronation oath

"Together with Churchill,  (Churchill was a traitor also. .) King George VI saved our nation; he was a Monarch to be proud of. But his daughter the Queen is the only monarch to have broken all her coronation oaths, by signing these six treaties that abolish our common law, the British Constitution, the British and English nations, and our sovereignty. She has also committed treason, together with co-signatories Ted Heath, Margaret Thatcher, (Maggie regrets what she has done. ) John Major, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown.
Realising that under the five Treason Acts they should already be hanging by the neck until dead, Tony Blair and the Queen signed the Crime and Disorder Act, 1998, which secretly abolished much of the crime of treason (s36.3) and reduced the penalty to life imprisonment - they didn't tell the MP's what they had just voted for.
1.4 million British Servicemen gave their lives for our independence. The Queen has thrown their sacrifices away and made them worthless.
At no physical risk to herself, she could have fulfilled her oath and duty as a constitutional check and balance, by refusing to sign the six treaties until an in/out referendum had been held. In the unlikely event the vote went against her, she was even more unlikely to lose her crown (not her life or a limb), and would keep her £9 billion plus palaces either way. Those servicemen's lives would still have meant something.
But she was always keen to sign; and said in advance she would sign the last treaty. Princes Charles, William or Harry can now never be King. You can't have a King without a Kingdom: they can only be princes of a region (principality) within Europe.
King Edward 8th was forced to abdicate because he was too overt as a German Nazi supporter. Mrs Simpson's divorce was merely the excuse. The Royal Family is a German Family - real surname Saxe-Coburg Gotha. Windsor is an adopted surname. All four of Prince Phillip's sisters married high ranking German Nazis. After they lost the war the EU was switched from a Nazi basis to a communist basis.
Between the ages of 12 and 22 Queen Elisabeth's political and constitutional tutor was Sir Henry Martin, a Fabian Communist. It seems clear she was well trained for her subversion and treason.
Because she waves and smiles at us most are fooled into thinking she's lovely; in fact the Queen is a member of the Illuminati, a Bilderberger, head of Freemasonry, is wholly pro the (German) EU, and has abolished this nation with ruthless determination. It is so obvious she cares nothing for Britain or the British.
The Queen's aspirations are not ours; she clearly serves a much darker master; the faith she defends cannot be the one we think it is. King George VI, the one recent monarch not indoctrinated with Nazi or Communist philosophy, must be turning over in his grave.
I ask that the law be enforced, and the Queen be tried for treason before 12 honest people, and not by our corrupt judges. And that the illegal section 36.3 Crime and Disorder Act be declared null and void, so that she can hang by the neck till dead."

This letter was sent to the editor of this blog, please read very carefully.

Dear Editor,
Arguably the Queen's Diamond Jubilee is the biggest Con perpetrated against the British people by the establishment since they were assured that joining what was then called the European Common Market would in no way effect essential national sovereignty when in truth and reality our national sovereignty was surrendered in accord with the principle of the Treaty of Rome to which the Queen signed us up in 1972.
In so doing the Queen surrendered the supremacy of the Crown and ended the monarchy. There can be no sovereign head of state in a nation which is no longer sovereign and no governor of a nation which is no longer self governing. The Queen also signed up to the Maastricht Treaty which established her as a citizen of the EU and as such subject to the constraints and obligations of that citizenship. No one can be both monarch and citizen at the same time. Despite the cover up by the British establishment the Queen has surrendered the authority vested in her by the people at the time of her coronation to give Royal Assent to any laws created by Parliament. (Reference the Merchant Shipping Act 1988)The Queen accordingly is no longer constitutional monarch and as we have no other form of monarch the Queen is therefore no monarch at all.
In truth Queen Elizabeth II reigned for just nineteen years not sixty. 
Yours Sincerely,  Bob Lomas. The Magna Carta Society.

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