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Monday, 5 March 2012

Nationalists in Rochdale.

Saturday 3rd March saw over 100 Nationalists and Patriots gathered in Heywood, Rochdale to support the National Front in their demonstration about the ongoing scandal of Muslim paedophile grooming gangs who prey on vunerable young white girls. The area of Heywood was on lock down by the Greater Manchester Police, scores of Police Officers were on duty. The demonstration was era-marked to start at 13:30pm and was due to finish at 14:30pm. Nationalists gathered at the Memorial Gardens in the centre of the town to listen to speeches by the leadership of the National Front, the Police became very frustrated by the amount of Nationalists that had turned up and began their heavy handed tactics and bullying. At one point the police started to address the Nationalists, and told them that the demontration had in their view finished, and that the ''crowd'' would now have to disperse, but only by leaving in two's, the way they would policed this was just a joke, they started to hustle and bustle the Nationalists by force, they were threatening to arrest anyone who stood in their way. The Police Helicopter was soaring above, in actual fact it was just like being at a football match after the great speeches.

The inscription on the War Memorial.

The Police in wait.

Says it all.

Nationalists getting the message out.

The Police Helicopter.

There were only reports of 3 people getting arrested on the day, the Police bullied the other Nationalists through the town and down onto Morrisons car-park, until such time people started to disperse. 

Video footage of the Police tactics.

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