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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

How many more have to die ?.

5 of the 6 dead soldiers are from the 3rd Battalion Yorkshire Regiment.

I bring you some very sad news today, 6 British Soldiers have been killed in Afghanistan the youngest being just 17 years old, bringing the total of British Servicemen and women killed since so called hostilities began to 404, 5 of these soldiers were from the 3rd Battalion the Yorkshire Regiment. How many more have to die in this needless illegal war before people demand that they come home. The treacherous rats in Government should hang their heads in shame, each and everyone of them have the blood of every single British death on their grubby little hands.

The Battle zone.

We never see the Politicians families in these wars, WHY ?....The time has come to protest, write to MP's, inform the public that this war is ILLEGAL and that it is ALL about OIL & GAS.


Bring our boys and girls home NOW!!!!!!!!

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