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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Send a bar of soap to the UAF day.

Wednesday 29th February 2012

As the date suggests, Wednesday  the 29th of February is the date that only appears every 4 years due to it being a Leap Year, so why not send a USED piece of soap to the Organisation that hates Democracy, and protects Muslim grooming gangs, funded by the Labour Party. All you have to do is quite simply place a piece of USED soap inside an envelope (make sure the envelope can contain the soap) , and send it to the address above on the poster. This will send a clear message to the UAF and its supporters just what everyone thinks of them, they stand on street corners or in town centres spewing their filth to the General Public, its time for a Nationalist fightback, join in this campaign and send pieces of soap....

A number of well known newspapers have been notified of this event, so maybe, just maybe this event will be publish, and highlighting what these evil, dirty creatures are like.

Thank you for you support.

Here is the full list of the founding members of the UAF please feel free to contact these criminals and ask them why they support this criminal organisation, but don't be fooled by their lies and deceit


  1. *********"STOP THE GROOMING", will be on the 3rd March and will run from 13:30pm to 14:30pm********
    How many off you on here ave said Jock your so right and we need to do something" well that time is here folks...It`s your choice this demo is gonna be massive and if you are not there then you can expect the trouble our white angels and young white lads get to intensive..Several young white lads have been beaten already in Oldham.The police are refusing to accept the racial side to the attacks because they steal the mobile phones at the same time,This then become robbery with violence instead of a racist attack....bollox stand up and say no more...Don't wait untill it is one of your kids that get attacked before you do something....Do something today commit to attend the demo in Heywood this Sat and say loud and proud No MORE CHILD GROOMING......could you post this on your event page thanx

  2. Well said Jock, Im sure there will be a big showing of plenty of concerned Nationalists at the demo mate, I for one will be there..OUR children deserve better....