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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

How many more nutters are there in the Labour Party ?

Simon Parkes, Labour Party Councillor.

The Labour Party just don't know who they have on their party register, if they did they would find out about this crank, Simon Parkes, he is the Labour Party Councillor for the Stakesby ward in Whitby. He has only been voted into office last month, and now a disturbing revelation has come to light about Cllr Parkes, he thinks his mother was a 9ft alien with long green fingers and an inverted trianglular face. Speaking on Youtube Cllr Parkes said ''I  first saw an alien when I  was about 8 months old'', saying he saw a traditional kite shaped face, with huge eyes, tiny nostrils and a thin mouth, and it appeared over his cot. 

The full newspaper issue  is here >

After spending a few hours searching Youtube our news team finally  found evidence of Cllr Simon Parkes speaking about his experiences, how can this man be trusted in local politics when he is clearly ''not of this world ?''. The mind does really boggle sometimes, how many more of these cranks are there in the Labour Party ?.

^^^^^^Watch this video from youtube, and think to yourself why am I voting for a party of nutters ?.......

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