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Thursday, 16 February 2012

French Soldiers in Scotland.

Everyone thought that the Olympic Games this Summer would be guarded against any act of terrorism by the British Army, how far away from reality we have been, for while we we're thinking this our beloved Prime Minister David Cameron and his French counterpart Nicholas Sarkozy have finalised plans for a joint Alliance to guard the games, How dare David Cameron sink to this level of TREASON?.

Above a French Soldier on exercise in Scotland.

Soldiers from the 5 Scots ( British Army) and soldiers from the French 11th Parachute Brigade have come together on British soil to train in Otterburn in Northumberland in a live firing exercise. The Ministry of Defence has said ''Exercise Boars Head is part of the continuing relationship between French and British Army units following the signing of the Defence and Security Co-operation Treaty, it is a natural , and logical step in our relationship. ( NO IT IS NOT). Sarkozy and Cameron signed two historic defence and security treaties in November 2010 at Lancaster House in London. The treaties are designed to last for 50 years.

More French troops in Scotland.

We don't want any foreign fighting force on British soil at all, David Cameron has just committed another act of betrayal towards the people of Britain. This is just another sign of our forced entry into the European Superstate, how many MP's actually supported this act of treason in the Houses of TREASON ? The people need answers and fast, it is there-fore urged that everyone who is concerned by this move to email and lobby their MP's demanding answers. This is an act of WAR under the Treason Act....

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