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Sunday, 15 January 2012

Even ancient ruins are under attack

December 30th is a date that changed the course of English history, for it was on this date 1460 that The Duke of York, met his brutal end. While defending Sandal Castle near Wakefield, his 17 year old son Edmund, the and Edmund's uncle, Richard Neville the 5th  Earl of Salisbury we're killed by the marauding Lancastrians, so Richard left the relative safety of the Castle without his horse or a sword, later that day he too was killed at the hands of the Lancastrians, all three (3) had their heads removed and subsequently the heads we're displayed on spikes at Micklegate in York.

Every year on the 30th December this battle and what happened is commemorated by battle reenactment's and a wreath laying ceremony is conducted further down the hill from the Castle.Now you may be asking yourself why is all this being retold ?. Well on the 30th December 2011 last year, a group of intrepid ''ghost hunters'' went along to the Memorial and the Castle, to try and recapture the final hours of this famous turning point in English history, low and behold this Castle did not fail to deliver, fascinating orbs we're ever present, some strange noises were also heard. The team we're investigating the Castle Keep when one of the Mediums felt that she was being urged to a stone with strange writing on it. After about half an hour the team found the round stone but no writing upon it, until one member of the team moved about 5 yards from the stone and came across what could only be the strange writing what the Medium talked about. The writing indeed was that of wanton vandalism and destruction of ancient ruins, the graffiti said, ''KILL ALL KUFFARS'' & ISLAM WILL DOMINATE THE WORLD''. Is there nothing sacred these days that Monuments have to suffer at the hands of mindless hoodlums. Below is a couple of photos that have been forwarded to the authors of this site (so many thanks to you).

The Police have been notified about this act of vandalism, but if any of our readers know of anyone who is responsible for this heinous crime then leave a comment in the comments box and our team will pass on the information to the Police and English Heritage.

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