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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Schools and Islam.

Brainwashing of Children.

British and European school children and their parents are being fooled into thinking that Islam is a peaceful faith, by taking children to Mosques to see what goes on inside. 30 or so years ago Islam didn't really appear in the curriculum as much as it does today, and now with Marxists on the Education Authority they are brainwashing children as young as 10 years old in thinking everything is OK. What is it with some parents and the school ? Are the parents scared of standing up to the Schools ?. Parents can opt out of lessons that they feel is unfit for their child/children by quoting the Education Act  and the right to withdraw,

Islam is becoming a very popular faith at the minute especially in Britain and in Europe, WHY ? because the ruling elite are promoting it and bending over backwards. Christianity is on the decline and Islam is on the rise. The ancient cultures of certain areas of the UK have already been lost by mass immigration from the 3rd world, and now Islamic Fundamentalists are on the streets of Towns and Cities with stalls making the people think that Islam is Peaceful and that it promotes family cohesion, when in fact it promotes Oppression and aggression. Belgium is rapidly becoming Islamified, in fact it could be the first European country to go down this route. France is having major problems with Islam, and 3rd World Immigration, the culture is changing, is already a Multi-Cultural hellhole, there are over 2000 Mosques, not to mention the ones that are not on the map. The spineless politicians are allowing this to happen, but why ?. Is there some kind of secret agenda by the powers to be ?.

One question for you....

What would our ancestors say now if they came back and saw what had happened to the country that they had helped to build ?...

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