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Friday, 27 January 2012

2nd Class Citizens, AGAIN

Things only get worse in this country NOT better, If the outcry from the Asylum Seekers winter fuel payments didn't strike a cord then probably this will, how on Earth can this corrupt Political system treat OUR elderly pensioners who live on pittance when Immigrants get a £2million mansion to live in ?..Our elderly are not 2nd class citizens for they have paid into this system for about 40/60 years, so why do they have to choose between eating and heating, and ''newcomers'' come into this country with ALL their family and get treated like KINGS, putting more strain on the ever popular benefits system.

These immigrants have not paid one round coin into the world famous UK benefit pancrack.....NOT ONE ROUND COIN... so why do they get top notch houses, 1000's of £££££'s in benefits ?..I cant type anymore my blood is boiling, this Government and the one previous has badly let down its own people.........................

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