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Thursday, 22 December 2011

Ethnic Minority.

Ethnic minority in our own country.

Figures obtained from the Office for National Statistics and the GRO Scotland under Freedom of Information law, show that ‘White English’ are now an ethnic minority in England and the UK.
After lengthy delays, the following ethnic group figures from the 2001 Census were obtained:
White English in:
England 1,064,922
Scotland 11,634
Wales 14,742
TOTAL 1,091,298

White Scottish in:
England 36,144
Scotland 4,459,071
Wales 2,325
TOTAL 4,497,440.

White British in:
England 41,606,274
Scotland 358,070
Wales 2,786,605
TOTAL 44,750,949.

In England, the number of persons who identified their ethnic group as ‘White English’ in the 2001 Census account for just 2.17% of the total.
In marked contrast, those in Scotland who identified their ethnic group as ‘White Scottish’ in the 2001 Census [4,459,071] account for 88.09% of the total.
The ONS appeared very reluctant to supply figures which ~ unsurprisingly ~ have not been published!
The policy of the British Government of making it very difficult for English people to record their ethnicity AND to have it fully accounted has been immensely effective.
It should be borne in mind, that this undeclared policy extends to non-Whites, thus ensuring that overwhelmingly they do not regard themselves as English or identify with England. Perhaps one of the important factors in the civil disturbances in England’s [and only England's] cities earlier this year lies in the semi-covert official attempts to eradicate the English as a distinct ethnic group with all its variety. 
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