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Tuesday, 6 October 2015

National Front - Annual General Meeting 2015.

The National Front held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) in the West Midlands on Saturday 3rd October. Over 70 National Front members were in attendance. The meeting started at 1pm and was chaired by the North West Regional Organiser, Chris Jackson. Chris welcomed everyone to the AGM and before the days political proceedings proceeded he asked for everyone to stand and give a minutes silence to members that past away during the 12 months since the last AGM. After the minutes silence Chris gave a run down of the agenda. Then without further ado Representatives from each branch of the National Front gave a report of their own branches activities over the past 12 months, followed by the Treasurers report by Nick Walsh after which came the interval and collection. The AGM then resumed with motions being debated and voted upon (see attached image below). 

As soon as the motions were debated and out of the way it was time for the annual presentation of the Albert Mariner Memorial Shield. Deputy Chairman, Dave McDonald presented the Shield to veteran Nationalist Richard Edmonds for his outstanding commitment to Nationalism which covered over 4 decades. Richard then delivered his keynote speech which focused on every aspect of Nationalist activity across the country including the very successful Wakefield march and rally that took place on July 25th. After the speech Richard was given a standing ovation. Then came announcement of the collection. Chris Jackson then introduced the National Front Chairman, Kevin Bryan to give his closing speech. Kevin as always gave a rapturous and rousing speech that lasted over half an hour. Kevin was also given a standing ovation. 

Chris Jackson then thanked everyone for their attendance and wished one and all a safe journey home then closed the meeting. A superb buffet was then opened before it was time to vacate the venue. 

Here is the Keynote speech delivered by Richard Edmonds :

"Friends, Fellow Members,

This had been the year of the National Front. This has been the year we confounded our enemies and opponents. They tried to stop us and they utterly failed.

At the very start of the year we had our first major success when the political Establishment, controlling the Electoral Commission, had to accept and give us our right to stand as National Front candidates at this year's elections, at the General Election and at the local government elections in May. For two years the political Establishment had blocked us; then at the very last moment they gave in and we went forward. All credit to the National Front. We fielded Parliamentary and local government candidates right across Great Britain: in England, Wales and in Scotland. All credit to our brave candidates who stood up as the only genuine voice of the British people.

This year we hit the ground running. We overcame every difficulty and we triumphed on every occasion. Who will forget our White Pride rally held in the very center of Manchester. Our National Front banners and the Union flags dominated the sky-line at Manchester's famous Piccadilly Gardens. We made speech after speech to the hundreds of well wishers, sympathisers, shoppers and members of the public who gathered to hear our message of Hope to the British people.

The Manchester rally was held in the Spring; in mid-Summer we marched in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. With the drums beating, the flags flying, and the banners held high and we marched through the town center: the local folk, the shoppers, the mothers with their children, all gathered on the pavements to watch us march by. We held out open-air rally right in the town centre: “Stop Immigration” was the slogan, and our speakers knew how to address the listening crowds. The Wakefield march was a great day in the time-honoured tradition of the National Front. We had already proved the year before in Newcastle that we could hold major activities in Britain's major cities. Twice last year, once in the Spring and a second repeat in the Autumn, we held large scale open demonstrations in the very centre of Newcastle: again hundreds of shoppers and well-wishers saw and heard the National Front. This has been the year of the National Front. Last month at Dover it was the National Front that organised and led Patriots and Nationalists in a combined march and demonstration against an intended, criminal invasion of Britain. There are the tens of thousands of aliens, criminals, foreigners all massed up at Calais, just twenty miles the other side of the Channel and all intending by hook or by crook in getting into Britain: “Stop the Invasion” was our rallying call. At Dover, a Red-mob attempted to stop our march; suffice it to say that British manhood and British resolve won the day and we marched flags flying with banners held high to our rally at the Dover docks. To enormous cheers one of the speakers quoted Julius Caesar: “We came, we saw, we conquered at Dover.”  Let it be noted here that all our major activities are filmed by our media team and put onto the Internet so that White Nationalists world-wide can be inspired by our successes.

We are in business to dismantle the multi-racial, multi-criminal nightmare society that the traitor politicians at Westminster have forced onto us. Every opinion confirms that the vast majority of British people are totally against mass-immigration; they don't want this country flooded with millions of foreigners. The political Establishment at Westminster has betrayed the British people. They have lied and cheated and deceived at every election. The political Establishment is so wicked and inhumane that they deliberately cover up the vile and dastardly crimes committed in their multi-racial society. They are so wicked, they deliberately covered up the crimes committed by the vile, criminal Asian grooming gangs. The vile party politicians, the vile Labour politicians, the vile Tory politicians and the vile Liberal Democrat politicians knew all about the vile crimes committed against British children, some of them girls as young as eleven years of age. The vile party politicians covered up and denied for years and years the vile crimes committed by their vile darling, criminal ethnics: the ones they love so much. The rape of children, the party politicians let it go on for years, with impunity.

Speed the day, that sees the end to the multi-racial, multi-criminal nightmare society. Speed the day that sees the vile party politicians swept from public office. Long live the National Front".

Above - page 1 of the AGM Agenda.

Above - page 2 of the AGM Agenda including the Motions.

Above - Chris Jackson, AGM Chairman.

Above - Tony Martin South London National Front. 

Above - Mark Freeman Kent National Front.

Above - Adam Lloyd South Wales National Front.

Above - Dave McDonald - Deputy Chairman - NF Scotland.

Above - Darren Lumb West Yorkshire National Front.

Above - Eddy Morrison West Yorkshire National Front Media and Propaganda Dept. 

Above - Nick Walsh Treasurer. 

Above - Dave McDonald presenting the Albert Mariner Memorial Shield to Richard Edmonds. 

Above - Richard Edmonds delivering his keynote speech. 

Above - National Front Chairman Kevin Bryan delivering his closing speech. 

Above - Full footage of the AGM. 

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