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Sunday, 27 September 2015

National Front - Day of Action in Hull.

On Saturday 26th September around 20 National Front members staged a `flash demo` in Victoria Square in the heart of Hull. The theme of this demo was `HOUSE HULL PEOPLE BEFORE IMMIGRANTS` At 1pm everyone gathered in Victoria Square and started to unfurl their banners and hoisted their Union Flags, some of the National Front members engaged with the very responsive people of Hull and handed out over 500 leaflets, many members of the public were in total agreement with the message that the National Front was saying, one elderly gentleman was overheard saying "Ive lived in Hull all my life and I've seen some very drastic changes, not to mention all this immigration that is a cause for great concern, when will it ever end, my grandchildren are too scared to play in the local park because of immigrants blighting the area, I have total respect for these brave souls of the National Front who are making a stand against immigration, in fact I tip my hat off to them" 

During the `flash demo` a few students started to make complete fools of themselves, one even confronted the Nationalists and started shouting obscenities including the now obsolete `R` word, a Police Constable had to force him away and threatened him with arrest if he didn't stop his unruly behaviour. A prominent Hull UAF activist tried his best to rally other UAF by calling them on his mobile phone, but no one made a show. After about 40 minutes the National Front members decided to call it day and were pleased with the outcome and the response by the general public and headed to a nearby public house for a social meeting. Once inside the public house, the Organiser for the Day of Action, Mr Tony Braithwaite arranged for a private room upstairs so that he could conduct a meeting. At the meeting, Tony spoke about when Charlemagne fought the Muslims in centuries gone by, and the Battle of Lepanto and how this new Islamic invasion will be the death knell of White Europeans if they didn't wake up very soon. Tony also spoke about how he had been involved in Nationalism for over 40 years. Tony then asked Daz Lumb to say a few words. Daz spoke of the Annual General Meeting that is to take place the following Saturday, Daz said that he had submitted a Motion to the Chairman. This Motion was for the restructuring of the whole of the Yorkshire region, with a Area Organiser in each of the 3 historic Ridings, but they will come under the command of a Regional Organiser and hopefully a Regional Council will be formed on the back of this motion and restructuring. Tony then closed the meeting and thanked everyone for making the effort to travel to Hull and wished them a safe journey home. 

Above photo`s of the Day of Action in Hull.

Above Daz Lumb speaking at the Day of Action 

Tony Braithwaite speaking at the meeting after the Day of Action.

Above Daz Lumb speaking at the meeting after the Day of Action. 

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