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Tuesday, 20 October 2015

National Front members and other White Nationalists stage flash demo outside BBC Leeds studios.

Above is a short video of recent Nationalist activity outside the BBC Studios in the West Yorkshire city of Leeds, and was carried out by around 20 members of the National Front and other associated White Nationalists. The reason why they arranged this demo was because over the last few months there was an on line petition to halt all immigration and for the closure and building of Mosques in Britain. The petition had a huge response with over 190,000 people actually signing it, which triggered a debate in the House of Commons on 19th October 2015. The BBC televised this debate LIVE on their Parliamentary news channel, and due to the time and distance in travelling to London, the Nationalists decided to lobby their nearest BBC broadcasting house, and the BBC in Leeds was the closest for many of those that attended. At roughly 6pm, the Nationalists gathered outside the BBC building at the reception entrance, all the doors were locked and a call button was quickly sought to make the employees aware that access was requested, after around 10 minutes an employee, by the name of Charles came outside and introduced himself as a presenter of BBC Radio Leeds, and he asked why everyone were gathered outside the building, he was told that because of this immigration debate BBC Leeds was the closest building for the Nationalists to attend and that they wanted to speak to a news crew to voice their concerns about this debate. Charles telephoned someone inside the building to try and have someone to speak to the Nationalists, but this request was quickly rebuked and the answer he was given was that the BBC don't have a policy to speak with `protesters` outside the building, he even said that the same policy applied to around 300 Pro Palestinian protesters that had gathered outside the building a few weeks earlier. He did, however take a contact number from one of the Nationalists and said if an occasion did arise that they wanted to interview the National Front then they would make contact (ANOTHER LIE BY THE BBC).

After an hour the Nationalists decided that it was pointless to carry on with the demo as no entry was gained, so they agreed to leave the building and go and have a social drink in a near by tavern.

The Parliamentary debate by a `select few of MP`s can be viewed on line at the following link, but be aware that this debate should have taken place in the actual chamber of the House of Commons, but it was decided that the debate was to take place next door to the Chamber.

Click this link to view the debate > 

Click this link to view and sign the petition >

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