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Tuesday, 26 May 2015

York schoolchildren indoctrinated to design new Mosque.

Young schoolchildren at Tang Hall Primary School in York have been indoctrinated by their class teacher to design the new Mosque on Bull Lane, the Iman, Abid Salik was invited to the school to see the designs that the youngsters had drawn at the behest of their school teacher, Fiona McCallion, Salik also spoke to the children about the Mosque and in turn the kids presented him with their drawings of what the Mosque `should` look like. 

Work is finally under way on the project almost 3 years after planning permission was granted by the Left Wing Labour Party Council. The new Mosque will replace the makeshift Mosque, which the Iman said had become to small to accommodate the increasing Muslim population. The Mosque will have `symbolic minarets` but no dome attached, The building work has entered its first phrase, which includes a sub-structure complete with windows and doors to accommodate the Mosque`s sizeable congregation, this was celebrated by a turf cutting ceremony. 

Fiona McCallion said "I first saw an article in the local paper and I thought to myself, that it looked wonderful and I determined there and then to let the Iman know that we at Tang Hall Primary School thought that the new Mosque would be a great asset to our local community and a splendid work of architecture to boot, I spoke to my class and it was decided to draw our designs for the new Mosque and then I invited the Iman to come and see them, despite being an extremely busy man, he came in he talked to the children, he congratulated them on their designs and invited them to visit both the current and planned Mosques, he then spoke to the full school assembly his personable demeanour won everyone over".  

Final thought

This Iman visited a primary school that has most probably a majority indigenous population and these young children won`t have a clue about what is happening across Britain and the sharp rise of Mosques that are emerging like mushrooms all over. York is an iconic city, that is steeped in over 2000 years of history. Islam or indeed Muslims have never once stepped foot on York soil before now, but due to the liberal minded Marxist councillors and school teachers Islam will be allowed to flourish and expand, we`ve already seen what Islam is doing to major cities across Britain and if we`re not careful we could see York becoming Islamified to a great extent. 

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