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Sunday, 31 May 2015

Riot at Leeds Bangladeshi Community Centre.

The Bangladeshi Community Centre on the Roundhay Road in the Harehills area of Leeds, and is used by Palestinian activists, Labour Party Officials and the Islamic Relief charity. 

On Saturday, 30th May violence broke out at the Bangladeshi Community Centre next to the Mosque on Roundhay Road in the Harehills area of Leeds in West Yorkshire, chairs and tables were being hurled across the room and in some cases there were makeshift weapons used as well. A video was released onto the internet showing punches being thrown and fighting with Police Constables. In the shameful video one man is seen cowering against a wall puling a blood-stained hand away from his head after being struck by one of those makeshift weapons. Heavily outnumbered Police Constables at the scene were tugged around while being caught up in the chaotic violence. One fighter appears to have lost his shirt in the scrum but he continued to brawl even though chairs were flying around him, four people were injured and a number of arrests were made following the battle. A statement from West Yorkshire Police said "Officers were called to the Bangladeshi Community Centre, Roundhay Road in Leeds at around 12:30pm following reports of a disturbance where it was believed that four people had been injured, a number of arrests were made and enquiries are ongoing as to the circumstances of the incident, increased neighbourhood patrols will be in the area to  reassure the local community

Arif Hussain who represents the Harehills area of for Leeds City Council claims the row broke out during the centre`s AGM between two rival factions who both want to take charge, he said "I`m shocked, it`s completely unacceptable, there are 802 members and it`s up to them to decide who they want to run the centre, just like an MP or a Councillor, its not great for the community, its not great for the area and its not great for the City".

Several Police cars were called to the scene and Detectives said inquiries were ongoing to establish the circumstances, the Bangladeshi Community Centre is used as congregating point for Palestinian activists, Labour Party Officials and the Islamic Relief charity, which has held a number of events inside the building, Labour Party Councillor Asghar Khan has been seen at the venue on a number of occasions. This is not the first time that trouble has occurred at this centre, back in 2013 fights broke out on the morning of EID.

Above, the video that was released to social media captures the violent scenes. 

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