Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Jonathan Bowden Oratory Prize awarded to Richard Edmonds.

Jonathan Bowden 

Jonathan Bowden was born in Kent on the 12th April 1962 and sadly passed away on the 29th March 2012. Jonathan was educated at the Presentation College in Reading, Berkshire. In 1984 he completed one year of a B.A history course at London University`s Birkbeck College, he then enrolled at Wolfson College in Cambridge, he then became involved in a number of political partys before becoming a prominent figure speaking on the Nationalist circuit. Jonathan Bowden joined the British National Party (BNP) and was for a period the Cultural Officer until he resigned in 2007 due a difference of opinion with the then leader of the BNP, Nick Griffin. It was claimed by Martin Webster that Jonathan was forced out of the BNP because of his solid support for Chris Jackson who made an attempt to be elected the new leader of the BNP. After 2008, Bowden resumed speaking at BNP meetings and events right up until 2010. He passed away two years later. In 2014 Western Spring decided to recognise Jonathan Bowden by issuing an award in his memory,  A meeting was conducted by The London Forum, Seven Nationalists were nominated to receive this award including the National Front Chairman, Mr Kevin Bryan and the winner of the 2015 Jonathan Bowden Oratory Prize was  the veteran Nationalist, Mr Richard Edmonds. (below)

 A video has been released onto YouTube by The London Forum from the award ceremony and can be viewed below.

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