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Friday, 10 April 2015

West Yorkshire National Front at Towton Battlefield - Palm Sunday 2015.

On Palm Sunday, March 29th 2015, 15 members of West Yorkshire National Front attended their annual Remembrance at Towton Battlefield.

On a very rainy day on Palm Sunday, 15 members of West Yorkshire National Front attended their annual act of Remembrance at the Towton Battlefield to pay their respects to the 29,000 Englishmen who were brutally slaughtered in 1461 and what is now called `The bloodiest battle on English soil` during the War of the Roses. West Yorkshire NF are constantly pushing English Heritage and Selby Council for a visitors centre to be built somewhere close to the Battlefield, other battlefields across the country have these facilities in place but sadly Towton does not. 

Once at Lord Dacre`s Cross, speeches were delivered by Edmond Morrison and Darren Lumb, Edmond spoke about the importance of the visitors centre and that West Yorkshire NF will always attend this event because of the significance of the bloodshed that was carried out by the House of Lancaster and the House of York in a bloody civil war. Darren read a few paragraphs from a well written book titled `  Fatal Colours` detailing what happened at Towton and in particular why the Cross was aptly named Dacre`s Cross. A two minutes silence was observed then 2 bouquets of White and Red Roses were placed on the plinth of the cross by 2 young schoolboys whose father is a well respected Nationalist. 

Members of the public were also in attendance and one lady was overheard saying to her partner `how dignified the act of Remembrance was and it was the first time she had ever been in the company of members of National Front`. 

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