Friday, 10 April 2015

White Pride Worldwide Day - Hailed a success.

The annual White Pride Day Rally, held this year in Manchester city centre on Saturday March 28th 2015, was a resounding success.

Around 200 White Nationalists from various groups including the National Front, North West Infidels, British Movement and others gathered at Piccadilly gardens to show their pride in being White and being members of the world's most inventive, and endangered race, the White European Race.

Fiery speeches were made by Johnny English, Kevin McMahon, Adam Lloyd, Simon Biggs, Darren Lumb and Richard Edmonds to a cheering crown of proud, White folk, sick of being treated as second class citizens because of their Race.

Groups of the usual Marxist freaks and deviants chanted the same boring 'insults' as the Nationalists rallied but their abuse fell on deaf ears. There were a few scuffles after the rally when White Nationalists going home were set upon by red thugs. These attacks were easily fended off and the few arrested White Nationalists were 'de-arrested' a few minutes later and allowed on their way.

Following the rally, many of the comrades made their way to a venue near the Lancashire town of Bury where a wonderful buffet and a social gathering was held in a private venue. The evening was rounded off in style as comrades listened to Blood & Honour bands and everyone left there feeling proud of both themselves and their Race.

Thanks to all those comrades who acted as stewards to keep our supporters safe, they did a great job. Special thanks must go to NF members Kev and Debbie McMahon for their outstanding work in getting White Pride Day organised and turning into a brilliant day for all who attended, putting the Movement into the headlines and strengthening our morale.

Above - Footage from Veteran Nationalist Richard Edmonds speech.

Above - Footage from Simon Biggs speech. 

Above - Footage from Jonny English speech. 

Above - Footage from Adam Lloyd`s speech.

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