Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Sunderland Muslim in court for 10 related terror offences.

Mohammed Kahar appeared at Westminster Magistrates court in Central London.

A Muslim male from Sunderland has appeared in court charged with terrorism offences, including one relating to Syria. Mohammed Kahar, 37 of Burnville Road Sunderland faces 10 charges including disseminating terrorist publications, preparing a terrorist act, financing terrorism and in possession of a document called 44 ways how to participate in JIHAD, He was arrested in March after officers from the North East Counter Terrorism Unit and detained again on Monday (27th April) on suspicion of further offences, he appeared before the courts on Wednesday (29th April) accused of 10 offences stretching back over 18 months. Among the charges, brought under the Terrorism Act, was one of possessing a record likely to be useful in preparing an act of terrorism - electronic versions of documents on a mobile phone called `The Explosive Course, and 44 ways to serve and participate in Jihad`
Kahar also faces five allegations of disseminating terrorist publications between November 2014 and February this year, including one named `What are you waiting for ?` and Dabiq 5, the Islamic State propaganda magazine. Other publications were called Missbraucht Kinder, which means `Abused children` and others titled `Mensuura Inshalla, The book of Jihad, This is the province of Allah, A meesage to the Mujihadin  and the Muslim Ummah in the month of Ramadan  and Indeed your Lord is ever watchful. Kahar was also charged with one count of preparing acts of terrorism in Syria, two of supporting a proscribed organisation and one of financing terrorism, offences he allegedly carried out between November 2013 and February this year. 

Kahar did not enter any pleas and was remanded into custody to appear at the Old Bailey on May 14th 2015. 

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