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Tuesday, 5 May 2015

National Front Chairman, Kevin Bryan`s pre-election address.


In two days time the electorate take to the polls.
After weeks of glossy leaflets, TV programmes and news papers dominated with the four main Party leaders just who will they choose?
Cameron,, Millband, Clegg or Farage?
Four leaders, one party!
All four of them offering the electorate little bits of this and little bits of that but what they are really offering the electorate is more of the same.
The National Front is nearly 50 years old and whether it's been General Elections or Local Government Elections, the National Front has always offered the Electorate an alternative to the status quo and an alternative to the policies of betrayal and failure. We have also TOLD THE TRUTH!
Once again in this General Election the National Front is offering the answers to the failed multiracial experiment and to the hideous crimes against children that have been committed for decades by politicians, establishment figures, celebrities and of course by immigrants.
Not one of the four mainstream Parties have the answers to either of the above. To put it simply, the answers to the above are repatriation and the restoration of the death penalty.
The National Front does of course offer a full political manifesto to put right the wrongs that have been thrust upon our great nation by successive career politicians, weak people who’s ideology and direction has never ever had this interests of our country or the indigenous British peoples interests at heart.
In the 2015 General Election the National Front will be fielding seven candidates. Without going into detail it would have been more but we were only re-registered with the Electoral Commission 3 weeks before the election was called.
I would like to congratulate all National Front candidates in the General, Borough and Town Council elections for having the courage to put yourself forward. You are all a credit to our party and I for one am more than proud of you.
Also many thanks to members and supporters that have taken the time out to help our candidates across the UK.
Whatever the result on Thursday May 7th the National Front has taken a stand and shown that whatever attacks the system throws at us our members have the courage and devotion to push forward with our eventual goal of victory for our Race & Nation.
Many Thanks
Kevin Bryan
National Chairman

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