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Tuesday, 6 January 2015

White Pride Worldwide UK Event 2015.

Every year the United Nations promotes the International day for the Elimination of Discrimination. Also known as Harmony Day

Whites around the world are subject to racial discrimination on a daily basis. You can take a stand against the Racial Discrimination of Whites that occur worldwide.
This year the UK will hold its very own WHITE PRIDE Worldwide event in Manchester Saturday March 28th, this is the day that White people of the UK can stand up and show their pride by flying Pro-whites flags at the event held in Manchester.
Regardless of the disputes you may possibly have with any other Whites , this day is about how to show your pride in who you are and where you came from. Put aside differences with fellow Whites and unite with them with a common goal of WHITE PRIDE WORLD WIDE.

During the day there will be an host of top speakers, then if you attend the daytime event you will gain free entry into the reserved venue where you can listen to more Patriotic speeches, a buffet will be available, again free of charge, there will be some superb bands playing, unfortunately if you don`t attend the event during the day there will be a door charge of £15 for your entrance into the venue, but still, £15 is a great price to pay for what you will get in return.  

Swansea Castle was the backdrop for last years WPWW event.


  1. were in Manchester keep up date as I wood to a member of the wpww uk north as lam in liverpool