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Tuesday, 6 January 2015

R.I.P Marlene Guest - True British Patriot.

Above, Marlene Guest in full flow delivering one of her speeches.

British Nationalists were saddened to hear about the passing away of the BNP's courageous Marlene Guest, after losing her long battle with cancer.
Marlene was a well respected community activist, exposing Council corruption and child sexual slavery, by Muslim men in Labour-run Rotherham..
It has come to our attention that the ex-Deputy leader of Rotherham Council - Muslim Jahangir Akhtar, wrote a status on his Facebook page a very offensive message about Marlene, several days after her death.
Shockingly he wrote "Heard Marlene Guest has died. Will only say two words "Ding Dong"
Ding Dong was a sly reference to the classic 1939 film The Wizard of Oz, which was a song sung to celebrate the death of the witch, this derogatory reference was also used by the far-left to mock Margaret Thatcher's death last year.
It's crystal clear that Akhtar is still harbouring a grievance against Marlene, because she was instrumental in bringing to light the muslim grooming gangs that were operating with impunity in Rotherham (and beyond), not only exposing his fellow Muslims - but himself, where he had conspired to keep the scandal suppressed from the native people of Britain.
Akhtar had no choice but to resign from the Council, as the heat was beginning to be turned up on the criminal conspiracy operating in Rotherham Council.
Lawyers4Women said they were set to sue Rotherham Council for "systematic failure to protect them from sexual abuse by predatory men", a complete an utter abomination of human rights. Everything Labour claim to stand for.
This is the type of sick, degenerate that has infected the Labour party, the traditional party for the white working classes. May they all bow their heads in shame!

Above, the offending Facebook status.

Above, Akhtars` status a few hours later. 

Above, Jahangir Akhtar.

Above, Akhtar with Rotherham MP, Sarah Champion

Above, Akhtar with Labour Party leader, Ed Miliband

Above, Akhatr with Lord Ahmed of Rotherham, Sarah Champion MP &the disgraced former Police & Crime Commissioner Shaun Wright. 

If any readers are also interested in this undesirable individual have a browse of this:

Final thought

Countless times we read about people being arrested for inappropriate social media comments and they get charged with `Misuse of the Communications Act`. Will this undesirable individual be arrested and charged with the same Act !!!