Sunday, 11 January 2015

The Multicultural FAILURE.

The internationalist Leftist elites that have ruled Europe since World War II have failed. They have failed not just by our high and exacting standards, but by their own low and sloppy ones. They have created the very world that they most feared, and generated a situation that even they are now coming to realise is unsustainable and impossible.

If they don’t realize now, then it won’t take too many more years to enlighten them. All that they hold dear – gay rights, women’s lib, abortion-on-demand, the moral free-for-all, welfarism, gender equality, and even racial equality – now hangs by a thread, all because their great game plan is coming unstuck.

They thought that the way to win total victory in the great cultural and ideological war with the old conservative order was to destroy it with multiculturalism, a perfect strategy because it was something that could only be fought against with racism, parochialism, and a rejection of the global economy – all things that had been stigmatised beforehand. The old order was caught between the proverbial rock and a hard place. The more they fought back the more the Left could screech the dreaded R-word and their other incantations and intimidate their naive and befuddled opponents. Fish being shot in a barrel would have put up stiffer resistance.
But this was only half of their grand strategy. They realised that once traditional Europe had been destroyed or cowed into impotent acquiescence that they would be left with a new problem: vast populations of still grateful immigrants, who nevertheless had their own values, interests, and agendas quite distinct from those of the Left.
The very values that had made the non-White masses an effective weapon against the old order also made them utterly divergent from their Leftist benefactors on social values, general outlook, and much else.
So, the Left had a further plan, a little sketchy   perhaps, but a plan nonetheless. It was to be a cultural version of the great scheme of racial extermination of which it had accused its enemies in WWII; a plan to subject the immigrant hordes to identity genocide and cultural extermination on a vast scale. Instead of train timetables and the amount of fuel expended to burn X tons of human flesh, this would be about TV schedules and how many megabytes of porn could be downloaded. You can kill a people bodily by massacring them, or working them to death, starving or gassing them. All these are possible, but require a will that few if any civilised peoples have ever had. At some stage mercy, pity, or  just boredom kicks in. The Left’s plan however was that, having filled Europe with vast, non-European hordes, who would inevitably be mainly from the Islamic world, they would de-Islamify them to the point where their original culture became less important than whatever football team they were given to support in its place.
But killing these people culturally may be even more difficult than killing them bodily, because the people in question are not the Christian, partially Westernised, and racially confused Hispanics that America has to digest – a much more feasible project – but are instead Muslims. It would seem that Europe’s Leftist elites made their biggest miscalculation here, even bigger than their supposition that Blacks from the West Indies and Sub-Saharan Africa would seamlessly mutate into Europeans after serving apprenticeships as bus conductors, toilet cleaners, and drug dealers.
In his own way the Leftist has always been something of a Christian supremacist, with patronising or dismissive views of lesser religions. He thinks of it as the strongest and most resilient of religions. After all it took hundreds of years for Leftism to break it down to the point where fellow travellers in the Church could steer it towards female bishops, gay marriage, and social and political irrelevance. Islam, by contrast, he assumed would be a pushover.
Perhaps it was the war-comic-meets-celestial-sex-manual absurdities of the Koran that lowered his esteem for it to such a low level. But the Leftist’s complacency was informed by his own racism and the conceit that only the most closeted and archaic fools could possibly hang onto such an ill-conceived religion as Islam. In the full glare of the Liberal, Leftist sun, Islam was sure to melt into nothingness.
The plan was that the Muslims, after serving their function, would be exposed to empowered Western women, broadband porn, supermarkets, sexy advertising, sneering satire, and droves of atheistic teachers and professors who would make the childish Islamic certainties of their children disappear in a puff of smug logic. The assumption was that within a generation or two the former cannon fodder of multiculturalism, so successfully deployed against those stuffy old conservatives and prickly nationalists, would have settled down into the rootless, decultured masses that Leftism craves as the raw material for its utopias.
The third world Camp of the Saints would be welcomed by the cultural death camps of the West in the schools, shopping malls, and universities. Instead of barbed wire, machine gun towers, barrack huts, and gruel, they would be given priority on housing lists, welfare, television, junk food, and the internet. Instead of bullets in the back of the head or one-way trips to the proverbial showers and ovens, their Islamic souls were to be destroyed by the flood of knowing, sensual, cynical, and superior European ‘culture.’
Their women were to be taken from them by parading around them the ‘liberated’ women of the West, with their short skirts, dead wombs, and glitzy fashions. “What sloe-eyed little doe from the Third World could resist that?” the complacent Leftist thought, possibly rubbing his hands at the thought of some extra exotica for his own bed. As for their young men, they were to be consoled by the pleasures of the hedonistic West, sport and the hot-n’-cold-running porn that would be piped in, at taxpayers’ expense, to every abode.
Half-baked as it was, this was the plan, but how soon it has become unstuck! Almost everything that could go wrong has gone wrong. The Muslims have cleaved to their old ways, or picked up those of other alienated and resentful groups, like the West Indians. Rather than mixing with the spiritual poison of the dying Whites, they have segregated themselves by taking over neighbourhoods, keeping their women at home, and maintaining their traditions and birth rates. Not hard to do as Europe’s Leftist elites insist on picking up the bill.

Assimilation ?
The power is flowing in exactly the opposite direction to that expected by the Leftists. Instead of being subjects of de-Islamification, they instead range out to groom, rape, and occasionally impregnate the indigenous women, and make converts among the spiritually vacuous Westerners.
Some Muslims fall away, but not nearly in statistically significant numbers; and those that do, Islam kills or calls back. Even the cultural acid that the Left had placed its faith in, the endless drip-drip or porny materialism, delivered through the modern media, seems powerless. Yes, they watch the internet porn to remind themselves of the worthlessness of the infidels and their own rewards in the afterlife, without being bright enough to notice the subtle contradictions; but they also use the same medium for video clips of their enemies having their heads sawn off.
As for critiquing and ridiculing the religion of an uneducated 7th-Century camel herder, even this has to be toned down for fear of provoking a violent backlash. Yes, Mohammed the epileptic paedophile is thus immune to official criticism because the Leftist elites fear the very same charge of “racism” that these multicultural minions allowed them to make against the old order.
As for the attractions of the leftist mindset, Muslims and other Third World`ers seem strangely unmoved by the joys of doctrinal atheism, gay marriage, childlessness, wind power, and bicycle lanes.
So, Islam keeps its coherence, Muslims keep their identity, and their women keep pumping out the all-important children. And as their numbers grow, the politicians who once fawned on them as a tool and tactic to get at others, now increasingly fawn on them for their own sake.
Awkward trade-offs still seem to be possible: “We’ll give you more welfare, make polygamy legal, and turn a blind eye to creeping Sharia, if you let us use your votes for our pet Leftist projects.” A case of ripping up the ship’s decks to keep the engines going.
Final thought
The hell that the Left hoped to create for the Right has now metastasised into a hell for all, and an antechamber to the still greater hell that is to come. The Leftist must increasingly realise that his two-stage plan only ever had one stage that worked, and that the second stage – the cultural Genocide of the White Indigenous  – is a dead letter. 

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  1. Dear Sir,

    I am writing to all 'patriotic' groups with a view to holding a unity event in 2015. This will be held in central England and will be the chance for the 'far right' to develop a plan for the way forward. we have been divided for far too long the time has come to talk. I believe that we all have the same basic goals, we all want the best for Britain, together we might just be able to grasp it.

    This will be a meeting of leadership teams or officially appointed spokesmen only, we have to remain focused on how to gain real unity among our movements not distracted by going over the well worn path of past arguments.

    The British Union of fascists were the largest patriotic movement ever, they were the trunk from which all the other branches of the movement grew. This has been hid by the establishment as much as possible, Mosley has been dismissed as just being a leader of an insignificant party proscribed by the government in 1940. This is far from the truth, the movement was proscribed due to its strength, the BUF led the peace campaign to stop the country being plunged again into world war. Mosley held the largest meetings in the world at that time, millions of Britons supported his campaign, the Government eager for war had to close him and the movement down.

    BUF had book shops across the country, head quarter buildings in most cities, a central HQ and barracks in London, an automobile club, flying club, marching bands, grey shirt cadets, they held annual Blackshirt camps at the seaside, published weekly and monthly newspapers, won local elections and held council seats, their membership was around 50,000 a figure we can only dream of today. The war put an end to all this and we have suffered from divide and rule ever since. The branches of the tree grew into Union Movement, BNP, BFP, NF, BM, BDP, British Freedom, Libertygb, Patria, BF, EDL, British Unity, British Voice, NF North, NF South, BNP 2, etc, etc. racial nationalist, ethno nationalist, civic nationalist, cultural nationalist, national socialist, social nationalist, national liberal the list is endless.

    Quite simply the tree needs cutting back, pruning, and the dead wood dispensed with. We must put our differences to one side and concentrate on what we have in common and our core aims, this is the only way forward. My proposal is to bring all movements together under the Flash and Circle flag, to all be part of New British Union, a union made up of all patriotic movements. Like the Army we will be made up of many regiments all with their own traditions and histories, each regiment will have its own leadership and will operate as they do now. Like regiments all movements can retain their own identity and logos but will fly the Flash and Circle along side them.

    The detail of how this will work will be the main item for discussion on the agenda, agreeing the outline and how to implement it will be the aim of all who attend.

    If you would be interested in attending this event as your movements leader or official spokesman please reply ASAP to allow us to fully plan the event.

    Gary Raikes
    New British Union