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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Boy beaten and robbed by Muslims

A mother has condemned young Muslim thugs who robbed and beat her teenage son and left him naked in a park.

David Procter, 16, was forced to strip naked and hand over his jewellery and his mobile phone, before being viciously punched and kicked in the head and body. The youngster, who suffers from Asthma, was left with serious facial injuries, including a broken nose, a fractured cheekbone and broken teeth. A passing motorist draped a blanket around David and took him to Bradford Royal Infirmary for treatment.

David's mother, Julie Procter, said she could not believe what the Muslim attackers had done to her son when she saw his injuries in hospital. She said ''It was bad enough David being beaten up and robbed, but then to take his clothing and leave him  there naked was beyond belief, all they left him with was an eye stud''. David said, ''I was at the entrance to Lister Park, I saw a young Muslim lad and asked him for directions, he whistled two others over and they offered to take me in a car which I thought was a bit dodgy, so I said I would walk, when I turned to go they started on me'', David said he was forced to hand over his mobile phone and items of his jewellery, he was then made to strip and take all his clothing off, but when he tried to hand over a gold chain he had to rip it from his neck to get it free, one of the Muslim attackers said ''I wanted that altogether'' and they started to beat him up. David then went on to say ''One lad punched me twice in the face, knocking me to the ground, all three then started kicking me in the side and face, I was covering my face up, I was frightened and in pain, I just wanted it to end and go home, they didn't say anything while they we're beating me up, when they had finished they just walked away and left me on the ground, they need locking up, if it has happened to me, it will happen again to somebody else''. One of the nurses told David, it happens quite regular in that area.
The Police took David back to the park so he could identify the place where the attack happened, he has also given a statement and had his injuries photographed.

Final thought

Clearly the attack went even further as the stripping of the boy was intended to cause humiliation - beating and robbery were not enough for these belly crawling muslim hoodlums. This act of humiliation falls into the muslim mindset towards the kaffir - or "infidel".

The truth is that these types of attacks are happening with stepped-up frequency yet the police and politicians still want us to believe that this is "unusual". Until the police can be more honest and directly address the muslim crime wave in the UK - without being stimied by political correctness - we can anticipate more and more of the same. The safety of the British people must return to the priority it once held prior to the muslim colonization.

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  1. Been happening in this area for years.Lone white lads are not safe anywhere near this park. Girls certainly aren't