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Thursday, 11 April 2013

Do White people count ?

The Declining Racial Make-up of Britain and Europe 'De-Nordisation' of Our People

The term 'De-Nordisation' is little used but appeared in an article in the journal Northern World in Autumn 1960. 'De-Nordisation' was defined as being the racial decline of the Nordic (Germanic) peoples by miscegany, (race-mixing) with other racial groups. The Northern World article was entitled "Denordisation of our Peoples", it highlighted the decline across the centuries of the Nordic peoples and predicted a further, greater decline in the racial make-up of Britain and Europe if the mass immigration of non-Aryan peoples from the Third World continued. So now, over 50 years since the article was written, the situation is far worse than the article's author could have imagined. The flood of the surplus populations of Asia, the Caribbean and Africa into Britain and Europe is a racial time-bomb, threatening the gene-pool of our people and eroding the racial character of our countries and our cultures. The political Left have longed been committed to discouraging academic studies of ethnic and racial differences, unless the outcomes meet their internationalist agenda. However there is a very real need to revive scientific and academic studies of race and ethnic differences, to strengthen the need for racial separation, separate development and the survival of individual racial groups in a pure form.

Final thought

Science and academic bodies fight to preserve other animal species, so why can they not recognise the need to protect the pure races of Humankind, starting with the most endangered; the White European (Aryan) people?

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