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Sunday, 3 March 2013

Hate not Hope TRAITOR kicked out.

The Hope Not Hate editor or should he be re-named TRAITOR, Nick Lowles along with his entourage have today been ''kicked'' out of the Gooshays Ward in the London Borough of Havering for interfering with the Democratic process.

Lowles and his entourage traveled to the ward to distribute hate filled leaflets against Nationalists who in turn we're delivering their own leaflets. A roadside confrontation occurred and Lowles was told in no uncertain terms to ''get in your car, and get out''

Read more about the ghastly Nick Lowles here ;

Video here

A by-election is to take place in Gooshays Ward on 21st march, but the Communist, left wing seem to think that they have the right to intefere in the Democratic process, they should have a quick look at the Election Act 1275, it clearly says

''Elections are to be free and no man is by force, malice or menace to disturb them ''

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