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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

No more Mosques.

How many more Mosques does this country need, let's be honest, Towns & Cities across the Nation have more than their fair share of Mosques.

The Labour Party run Councils across the country are bending over backwards to allow the takeover from Islam, its very rare we hear of a proposal for the building of a Mosque being turned down, instead the Labour Party run Councils give their full backing for more and more of these eyesores, not only are they out of place by not fitting in with the beautifully built Victorian buildings in Towns & Cities but they create a nightmare for parking, unsociable behavior, etc. We hear time and again that these Mosques attract some of the more radical Muslims who are hell bent on trying to force Sharia Law within communities.

The Labour Party run Council in Rotherham are going through the process of accepting the proposal of yet another Mosque in the Town, this will bring the number so far to 9. Rotherham and the Indigenous people living there (which soon they will be in the minority) have been betrayed by the Left Wing Race Traitors that reside on the Council, and for that reason a demonstration has been called for every like minded British person to attend and to show disgust at the Council for allowing the Islamic colonisation of Rotherham to progress. All demonstrators are to meet outside Rotherham Railway Station to be given details where the protest will take place on the 16th March at 3pm, if you are attending please bring along Union flags, banners, whistles, horns, but most of all let's make this demonstration peaceful.

Final thought.
Our ancestors built this country with blood, sweat and tears, so that we could enjoy what they had so painfully endured, they didn't build this country so it could be invaded by almost alien culture like Islam. Our Great-Grandfathers and Grandfathers didn't give the ultimate sacrifice for the ''Beast from the East'' to come here and try to change OUR culture, traditions, and heritage.

The second picture below is what the planned Mosque in Rotherham could look like, complete with a 33 metre minaret capable of reciting the Islamic tradition of blasting out the Call to Prayer.

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