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Thursday, 7 March 2013

Christina Edkins R.I.P. Another victim of Multi-Culturism.

And so the deathtoll keeps rising, and another White victim has fallen foul to the ever growing problem of Multi-Culturism.
Christina Edkins, aged just 16, a young White schoolgirl was stabbed to death while she was traveling on a bus on her way to school in the West Midlands. A 22 year old Black male was chased and eventually arrested by Police. He was held near a Morrisons supermarket following a manhunt after the killing of Christina on a crowded double-decker bus at around 7:30am as Christina was making her way to Leasowes High school in Halesowen.
Police said, the man was chased and arrested after acting suspiciously and was being held on suspicion of murder. Neil Shaw, the Headteacher of Leasowes High school, said ''Christina was a bright and popular student who was much loved by staff and students alike''.
Police officers responded to a call from a member of the public reporting that a passenger had been attacked on Hegley Road in Birmingham City Centre shortly after 7:30am. Detective Superintendent, Richard Baker, from West Midlands Police said the girl was on her way to school and appeared to be the ''VICTIM'' of a ''QUICK ATTACK''.
Police officers, dog handlers and firearms officers we're involved in the manhunt for the person responsible. Christina Edkins died at the scene.

Final Thought.
Once again Christina Edkins is another victim of the forced Multi-Cultural nightmare that is blighting our communities. Forced upon us by the Labour Partys immigration policy, and OUR countrys membership of the corrupt EU. Will she be remembered in the same way Stephen Lawrence is remembered, with a memorial stone placed on or near the spot where Christina was murdered, will she have a building named after her, will the state controlled media be making a 'song and dance' about this ghastly, cowardly attack every single minute of every single day, will Doreen Lawrence be sending her condolences to the parents of Christina ????
We must NEVER forget any of the White victims of racist attacks that are happening on a regular basis in the UK, such names as;
Kriss Donald, Charlene Downes and Gavin Hopely.

May they rest in Eternal peace.

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