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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Muslim trouble brewing.

This could be what the Union flag could look like if Islam gets its way.

On the 12th August Anjem Choudray and his followers gathered in London to protest at the way Muslims are being treated in Muslim lands, the Police were in attendance. During this Muslim protest certain members of this Muslim following were calling for a Jihad against many countries including the UK, they were shouting ''Cameron terrorist'' ''Obama terrorist'' ''Assad terrorist''. How on Earth can they get away with these chants in a public street ?, When white British Nationalists and Patriots protest on the streets against Muslim child groomers the Police are in full riot gear with Police dogs and arrest anyone who are deemed out of order, it beggers beleif, but its ok for these Muslims to openly call for a Jihad and say the ''Muslims are rising and they are coming'',. 

What is wrong with this spineless Government, why wont they give the Police more powers in dealing with this problem ?. ''Great Britain is a Christian country and it will never become Islamic'' this was a chant by a white Christian during this protest. In 1290 Edward I introduced an act this act was called the Edict of Expulsion, which expelled all Jews from The Kingdom of England > here

So why in 2012 can't this spineless Government do the same for ALL Muslims, this country would be better off without them. 

Here is a video of the Muslim protest,

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