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Thursday, 23 August 2012

Islamia Village cancelled.

Queen Ethelburgas College.

On the weekend of August 24th-27th a planned Islamic ''showpiece'' was to be held at the Queen Ethelburgas School between York and Harrogate in North Yorkshire, in this ''showpiece'' the organisers invited Islamic hate preachers to spout their hatred of the West to an audience of nearly 1000 Muslims who were willing to travel from all parts of the UK. The word soon got out that this event was being held, so members of Combined ex Forces (CxF) the National Front (NF) and other concerned Nationalists from the North West Infidels (NWI) North East Infidels (NEI) rallied round to get as many there on Saturday as possible to oppose this event, emails we're sent to the owners of this School and numerous telephone calls we're made as well making it quite clear that if this event was to be held then a massive protest would be held as close to the school as possible, also a contingent from Cxf, and the Infidels went to the Principles house on Wednesday night to have a ''face to face''. We can now confirm that this event has now been cancelled and we understand that the Muslims that had paid for the use of this schools facilities will not be getting any refunds, ( result). Here is a list  of the hate preachers..

Hate preachers to speak in the historic city of York..

Murtaza Khan, who has described homosexuality as an “abominable action which goes against humanity” and stated that the correct punishment for such acts is death. Also speaking will be Assim Al-Hakeem who hol

ds equally hostile views to homosexuality. His website also calls for ‘apostates’ – those who abandon a religion – to be killed. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Assim Al-Hakeem was banned from three University campuses earlier this year.

Another speaker at the event is Abu Usamah At-Thahabi, who has also said that the punishment for homosexuality should be death. Hate seems to run through much of his preachings and he too has called for Muslims who renounce their religion to be killed “in the Islamic state”. On non-Muslims he has said: “We hate the people of the kufr (non-Muslims). We hate the kuffar.”

Finally there is Abuz Zubair, who suggests that those Muslims who believe in evolution should be killed. Responding to a Muslim who articulated support for evolution, Abuz Zubair said “the call to evolution is a call to kufr and apostasy”. He went on to quote a fatwa of Ibnal-Uthaymeen which stated that someone who teaches evolution “should be stopped by any means necessary even if it means his execution” and that if teaching continues “this person should be executed because he is an apostate and apostates are executed”.

So you can see this was not a recreational event at all, this was to promote hatred to the West by the Islamic followers. 

Also in York, A NEW £2.5 million mosque could be built in York under plans unveiled by the city’s Muslim community.

The York Mosque And Islamic Centre wants to replace its current building in Bull Lane because it is becoming too small to accommodate the growing number of people attending its main prayer times.
The design of the new mosque, which would be built on the same site off Lawrence Street which is only about 1 mile away from Imphal Barracks, includes a small central dome flanked by two minarets, a prayer hall, classroom, library and indoor community hall which children will be able to use for sporting activities. There would be no calls to prayer or any other amplified sound from the building. This tells me that Muslims and Islam is a growing concern, when they say there will be no call to prayer or any other amplified sound they really mean not until York becomes an Islamic City. Don't be fooled by their lies and deceit. 

Here is an article about the new Mosque that clearly says it has been granted with a price tag of just £1m.

This Mosque will get the full attention of the above mentioned Nationalists groups in the very near future, York is an ancient City which goes back 2000 years, The Emperor Constantine brought Christianity to York and to the rest of the country in the 4th Century there is no way that Islam is going to get a foothold in this historic city and if the Labour Council had any thought and compassion for this city they would reject all the planning permission, they will be held responsible for this treason. Sonja Crisp of York City Council said, ''York has a strong and growing Muslim Community and I really support the decision to approve the new multi-storey Mosque, the current Mosque has been apart of our community for over 25 years, so I welcome the new plans and hope the new centre will facilitate our Muslim community for many more years to come;;, Well Sonja Crisp you have just signed the death warrant of this historic city, and you have just proved that you are all in favour of the Islamic takeover not only of York but for the whole of the UK.

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