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Monday, 28 May 2012

Charlene Downes Mum in Harassment order scandal.

News is just reaching us that Karen Downes, the mother of missing teenage schoolgirl Charlene Downes from Blackpool, has been issued with an Harassment order by the Blackpool Police, the Police didn't have the balls to hand deliver it, they just shoved it through her letterbox. All Karen wants is Justice for her daughter who went missing in 2003 at the age of 13, so Karen has been handing leaflets out in the hope that justice will be done and that the killers of her daughter will be brought to trial and sentenced accordingly then deported, yes you have guessed it her killers are not of British birth or ethnicity, they are Muslims, Iyad Albattiki and Mohammed Reveshi, owners of the former Funny Boyz takeaway on Dickson Road in Blackpool, were arrested and charged as part of the murder investigation. Albattiki was accused of murder and Reveshi was charged with the disposal of Charlenes body, but both denied ever meeting with Charlene, after a lengthy court case the 2 were then acquitted of all charges and subsequently awarded £250,000 each in compensation.

Karen has since been very busy since the court case to get these 2 foreigners back into the dock and for the justice system to do the right thing and find these two monsters guilty..

Karen Downes during a demo to get justice for her daughter.

The editors of this blog demand that Blackpool Police get their act together and stop persecuting Karen and her family and do the right thing by young Charlene, for too many times has young white children been ignored by the Political elite,  the justice system and the media. They only seem to concentrate on the murders of Blacks, and other non white/British take for instance the murder of black teenager Stephen Lawrence, his face was never off the news and he was always in the tabloids until justice prevailed, even after 19 years his face was allover, there is hardly any mention of murders of white children, WHY ?.......

Click this link to read the article in the Blackpool Gazette

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