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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

BBC caught lying yet again.

The photo the BBC used to try and fool the masses.

"The photo used above is real enough, only it wasn’t taken in Syria on Sunday but in Iraq in 2003. Once the photographer who took the original pointed this out the BBC removed the offending photo but without any explanation or apology. So if the BBC is prepared to use photos from Iraq in 2003 and claim they were taken in Syria yesterday, what else in the above story has been contrived?

The story remains on BBC Online, minus the photograph in question, and without any reference to  its earlier featuring a photo taken in Iraq in 2003.
This is what BBC licence fees pay for: contrived reports and outright lies.

To those of you who see the reports on apparent atrocities committed by Assad's troops in Syria.... The BBC published pictures the other day reporting a massacre and then the photographer who actually took the pictures recognised them and pointed out they were from iraq in 2003. The MSM has been lying to you all for years and will continue to do so. Do not trust the BBC on any matter as they are committed to assisting Al Queda and Jihadists in their establishment of a global caliphate.

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