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Thursday, 19 April 2012

Welcome to the Police State.

Says it all really.

Today, March 19th 2012, in "Good Ol' Democratic England", five decent patriots, activists in the Infidels of Britain, were arrested by 'anti-terrorist' police in dawn raids. 

Why? Had they been organising rioting on the streets? Hand they been planning to leave bombs on trains and buses? Had they been selling drugs to youngsters? Had they been grooming young girls? 

No, they were raided, they had their houses turned upside down, they saw their wives and children terrified and they were dragged off in handcuffs just because of some of the language they used on the internet...

Just go on any Islamic websites from the UK and you will see no end of anti-White, anti-Christian, Jihadist Muslims calling for our soldiers to be killed. Seems the law doesn't apply to them as it does us...

There was absolutely no need to make this an anti-terrorist operation. Do they not get it, WE are the ones calling for harsher treatment of the terrorists, WE are the ones calling for Abu Qatada to be stripped off his "human rights" and be sent back to his own country to face terrorist charges. Does this goverment not get it? WE only want what's best for our children's future. WE are sick of being treated like second class citizens in OUR own country. Please WAKE UP!

Remember this, fellow Britons, when you are voting for the old gang politicians yet again - don't complain in twenty years' time when things are ten times worse than they are today. 

Remember: if you sit back and keep the tired old parties in power, you are condemning your children and your grandchildren to a dismal future as second class citizen in their own country. 

Don't facilitate our nation's downfall: 

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