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Sunday, 12 February 2012

British Soldier attacked.

A British Soldier has been attacked this evening while awaiting for a train to take him back to camp, a gang of Muslims set about him and gave his what can only be described as a '' Right Hander'' resulting in him receiving a black eye. This Soldier didn't deserve this cowardly attack, after all he is only doing the job that he feels is right for him, why should he be attacked by young deluded Muslims ?. You can dare bet this incident will not get the recognition it rightly deserves due to the perpertraitors being of the Islamic faith, but when ever a white Indigenous person does anything that is considered against the law then you can be rest assured it will be all over the front pages of the nations bias tabloids. What we are witnessing is a 2 tier justice and reporting system. There seems to be a media blackout as of late concerning Muslims, and they are using this media blackout as a shield to carry on their Jihad against the Indigenous population. On Monday 6th February at Liverpool Crown Court saw the start of what has been dubbed as the biggest paedophile trial in British history, 47 alleged Muslims stood trial charged with crimes against white girls, some as young as 10 years old.  So far there as been no media interest, a complete news blackout, it is expected that the trail will last an unprecedented 11 weeks, demonstrations have been held by Nationalists groups and by concerned parents, the Police have issued the demonstrators with section 14 notices, and threatened them with arrest if they congregate in groups numbering more than 30.

Everytime that we do hear of crimes by Muslims the press refer them to ''Asians''. What would the Chinese, Japanese, Indonese, Malaysian races be saying about this, Muslims and Islam is NOT a race but the press always refer to Muslims as ''Asians''. Its time for every man and woman in this country to start forwarding questions to their MP's, and to demand answers as to why Muslims are getting away with what can only be called murder, take the Charlene Downes case for instance, and we all know about what happened there..

Lets get back to the reason for this article, A British Soldier joins the Armed Forces to protect and serve this country with pride and passion, because he/she thinks it is their duty to do so and the Government should do everything in their power do make sure that these brave men and women get the full un-reserved backing from the so-called Politicians, lets hope the cowards that did this un-provoked attack on this British Soldier get to feel what British Justice is all about.

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