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Monday, 5 December 2011

KFC Part Deux

Part 2.

December 3rd 2011 saw another protest by the Wakefield and 5 Towns branch of the British National party outside the KFC on Ings Road Retail Park Wakefield. Around 30 members and supporters came along to voice their opinions at the way animals have to die in this barbaric and cruel method so that big business's can make profit. The day wasn't very pleasant weather wise strong winds and very low temperatures but still everyone was in high spirits, and they felt the need to get their message across. Drivers we're turning their cars around when they found out about the Halal method, some thought it was a ''flavour'' that was added to the meat, leaflets we're handed out not just to the customers but to everyone that had drove past going to other shops. 

The Manager came out of the outlet to remove a leaflet that had somehow found its way onto the tariff board which could've been blown there in the strong winds that we're ever present on that day. The Manager was approached and asked  if he would consider the protest and stop selling this barbaric, ritually slaughtered meat, the Managers reply was ''Your wasting your time'' So he was told that this protest would continue and that they would be back..

This is a message to the Manager of the KFC, we intend continuing our protestation of your premises until you cancel your supplies of this barbaric food. You will not know when we are coming next, but be warned we are coming in greater numbers, we will never, ever give up. We know that KFC is trialing Halal in over 90 outlets across the country, We can assure you Wakefield KFC will not be one of them. You are putting profit before animal welfare and fooling the customers, but you are not fooling us.

Our email to KFC, Mr Shuker..

Dear Mr Shuker,

As you may or may not be aware that we have organised 2 protests outside the KFC, Ings Road Retail Park, Wakefield, West Yorkshire, the reason for this is quite simple, this outlet is selling Halal chicken to unsuspecting customers, abeit a transparent sign on a glass door to indicate that Halal is served. The customer base at this outlet is a majority of white English people, around 99.99999% to be precise. I am aware that KFC is doing an Halal trial in over 90 outlets throughout the country, do you know the process of the Islamic ritual slaughter method, if so do you agree with it ?. If you want a little research about this outlet then let us be the ones who have the figures, upon our protest we asked the customers:

1, Do you know what Halal is ? > The majority answered NO.

2, Do you know how the animal is killed ? > The majority answered NO.

3, In your own words tell us what you think Halal is. Some-one answered is it a food flavouring.

4, Did you know that an Islamic prayer is said over the animal after its throat is slit ? Response NO.

5, Are you an animal lover ? Majority answered YES.

6, Will you continue eating in this outlet now you know what Halal is ? the response was that of a mixed reaction.

So Mr Shuker as you can see by some of the Questions and answers above, that we mean to carry on our protest at this outlet until KFC goes back to the original way of selling lawfully killed animals for food.

Yours Faithfully


  1. Keep it up, Blackburn KFC was protested non stop for 30 days and it worked, we got the halal trail reversed, well done lads n lasses!

  2. Get the message out there, loud and clear, why should we sell ourselves out to this barbaric cruelty. The RSPCA should be ashamed of themselves for giving them a religious exemption, it's cruelty and they are supposed to stop cruelty to animals, it's in their title, or have they forgotten ??

  3. Keep the good work up lads and lassies . Long live Nationalism