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Thursday, 1 December 2011

Bismillah Arahman Arahim , Translated to : In the name of God ,the most merciful and beneficial. Halal.

The truth about Halal

What you are about to read will truly shock you, IF YOU ARE OF A WEAK STOMACH THEN WE STRONGLY SUGGEST YOU STOP READING NOW.....

As a nation of animal lovers we expect the animals that have been slaughtered for Human consumption are treated with the up most respect and slaughtered in conjunction with the strict guidelines laid down by British Law, but sadly these guidelines are not being followed because we are now eating meat that has been slaughtered by a cruel, barbaric Islamic ritual method, HALAL. What is Halal ? This where an animal destined for our tables is killed by a slaughter man (Muslim) where the blade of a very sharp knife is run across the throat of the animal severing the main arteries then an Islamic prayer is said over the animal while it writhes in agony until it dies of a slow lingering death, the larger the animal the longer it takes to die. To kill an animal Humanely requires the slaughter man to use either an electronic charge or a bolt fired into the animals brain resulting in instant death. Then the slaughtering can commence without the knowledge of thinking the animal is suffering, but in the case of the Islamic method this does not happen. What you are about to see are disturbing pictures and film footage of animals being put through these barbaric practises.

What is this Lamb thinking ?.




Most leading Supermarkets are now selling Halal meats such as: ASDA, Tesco's, Sainsburys. Waitrose, they are not obliged to label their meat products as such because of a loophole in the law, you can be rest assured that pork products are not Halal. 70% of all New Zealand lamb is now Halal.

Most fast food outlets such as, Domino's, Nando's, Subway, and KFC are now selling Halal meat products without even warning you. When you go for an evening out and decide to have a curry at your favourite curry house have you ever wondered whether its Halal or not ? Most Restaurants are now Muslim owned and run if this is the case then you can guarantee they are Halal. Next time you are eating your Sunday roast spare a thought how the animal was killed and prepared for your consumption..Below are just a few of the Islamic symbols that can be used to inform you of what they are selling..We dont want Halal in this country, infact we dont want the Islamic ritual slaughter method at all. It should be outlawed..

And when you purchase these products you are indirectly killing a British Soldier, every takeaway (kebab house) must  give 10% of their takings to the central mosque in that area. When every Central Mosque has received this 10% they then send these monies to the Pashtun region of Afghanistan where the Taliban get hold of it. the money is then used to buy components for IED's and bullets that are turned against OUR troops. ENJOY YOUR NEXT KEBAB!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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