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Saturday, 17 December 2011

We will keep coming back..


Members and supporters of the Wakefield & 5 Towns British National Party staged yet another protest outside the KFC outlet on Ings Road Retail Park, In Wakefield on Saturday 17th December. These dedicated patriots braved the winter weather and the biting cold to show the management that Halal meat is not only wrong but that Big business are making a tidy profit from this barbaric cruelty. Hundreds of ''Halal meat, Shame on Britain'' leaflets we're handed out not only to the customers but to the passing motorists in the hope that the message gets out that the British National Party remains solid on this issue.One gentleman came all the way from Rochdale in Lancashire to take part in this ever popular protest, so many thanks to him. Councillor Doug Ward travelled all the way from Lincolnshire to attend as well, Doug has been at the forefront of this protest, he has said on many occasions that Councillors should be made to get involved in this type of pro-activity, just to show the public that we have Councillors that are prepared to get on the frontline, not like the 3 main party's Councillors that get elected and do nothing only get their snouts in the trough.

Above Councillor Ward holding the ''Say no to Halal'' board.

Above Customers asking questions about Halal.

If anyone would like to help with these protests either on the frontline or financially please leave a comment below and a member of the Admin team will get back to you, We can only achieve our goal with plenty of support, donations are welcome so that we can buy more leaflets, banners and professionally produced placards, if you are reading this and think you could help please don't hesitate get in touch, every little help goes a long way to stopping this cruel practice...

 Just watch this short film for more proof of KFC's cruelty towards chickens just so they can put profit before animal welfare...



  1. Once again the British National Party are seen to be the only People standing up for the rights and traditional values of the British people!! Very well done everyone