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Saturday, 12 November 2011

Protest outside KFC.

November 12th 2011 will go down in history as members of the Wakefield branch of the British National Party decided to get pro-active, they embarked on the KFC restaurant at the Retail Park on Ings Road in Wakefield. The reason they went there is because this outlet is selling Halal chicken to un-suspecting customers, the outlet does have a Halal sign on the door but it is hardly visible. Leaflets were handed out to the customers and passing motorists, Councillor Doug Ward for the British National Party said '' this is now the way forward, to show people that we do indeed care about how animals are killed and slaughtered''.

Above. Councillor Doug Ward.

Above. Danny Cooke, the Yorkshire Regional Organiser.

Above. The transparent sign on the glass door, its very hard to make out what it says and stands for.

''There will be more protests like this in the very near future said Darren Lumb the Sub-Regional Organiser for West Yorkshire. This type of slaughter method is not compatible with our society. Its barbaric and also cruel. There are strict guidelines in force as to how animals are killed for Human consumption and this kind of method is certainly not the way''.


  1. There needs to more protests like this and hopefully more attending them as Halal is NOT the way forward and should not be served to unsuspecting public like it is all over the UK in major supermarkets & brands.

  2. Our message to KFC Wakefield is quite simple, if you carry on selling Halal chicken we will be back, but next time we will make sure our numbers will be greater, and the protest will become more louder, we will not stand by and let you sell food that has been slaughtered in this type of way.. You have been warned. You will not know when we are coming but we promise you that we will be there again.

  3. I totally agree. Ive signed every petition going but its not enough. Im not actually BNP but i totally agree with this method of slaughter being outlawed,after all its a step back not a step forward. Its high time the RSPCA and other animal rights got behind this also. AND high time it was labelled as well. Its disgusting that its so widespread & the public dont even know they are buying it. I would join you in a peaceful demo.

  4. BeverleyH do you live within the Wakefield District or close by ? if so leave your e-mail address and we will inform you of our next move on how we intend to conduct our next protest, we would be more than happy for you to get involved.

  5. Fantastic stuff! This subject makes me sick. I still find it hard to believe that this is Britain in the 21st century! We are certainly going backwards.
    Well done Daz and Co!

  6. Hi,yes i live very close to the town center. The link to this demo was posted on a friends facebook so i just clicked on it. Where should i leave you my email address? On here? I think the supermarkets need a demo too. Its disgusting that they have bought into this and are selling it,unlabelled to the public who are not Muslim. There are all kinds of problems with this cruel method,cruelty just being the tip of the iceberg. It will cost none Muslims their jobs as only Muslims can carry out the slaughter.

  7. BeverleyH, if you post your e-mail on here we promise we wont leave it on here, we will store it in our address book so that we can e-mail you when we arrange the next protest is that ok with you ?. And we would appreciate it if you could post this blog on your Facebook as well, many thanks, Admin Wakefield & 5 Town BNP.