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Friday, 11 November 2011

The Defence of the Poppy a success.

A delegation from Wakefield & 5 Towns British National Party joined forces with other branches of the party to stand shoulder to shoulder to stop the Muslims Against Crusades from carrying out their threat of a repeat of last years burning of the Poppy. The Home Secretary Theresa May intervened at the last minute and banned this extremist group, but the Muslims still threatened to turn up and carry out what they called ''Hell for Heroes''. Hot drinks were provided for the brave patriots and bacon sandwiches were made next morning, the smell of bacon sizzling in the pans filled the morning air.

The numbers soon increased as the sun rose, drivers sounded their horns in support as they drove past the ever growing number of people intent on defending the Poppy.

Above, This Lady who revealed her age was 73, braved the very cold night and stayed right through the day to make sure the Poppy was protected.

After the 2 minute silence the Chairman Nick Griffin invited the Wakefield and 5 Towns and West Yorkshire Sub-Regional Organiser Darren Lumb to accompany him to a cemetery to honour Nick's Grandfathers brothers memorial plague, Nick told Darren that his uncle had died of his wounds in 1915 aged 30 years old. ''This was a very moving and emotional time for Mr Griffin'' said Darren.

Lined up like they were on parade the headstones of the brave men who died fighting for this country in World War 2.

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  1. Well done Enoch and all who made this poignent trip for heroes , and stood up to those who know nothing of our culture and way of life , patriots one and all .