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Saturday, 5 November 2011

Another Successful Meeting.

Thursday the 3rd November saw a very successful meeting of the Wakefield & 5 Towns branch of the British National Party in a very stylish venue in the Wakefield area. People came from all over Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire to attend. Darren Lumb the Wakefield Organiser asked for a minutes silence for the fallen heroes and for the soldier that had been killed that very same day fighting in an illegal war in Afghanistan. After the minutes silence Was observed Darren spoke about the agenda for the evening and that there would be a power point presentation that would be projected onto the far wall. Darren invited Mrs Tina Wood and her husband to take to the floor, he said that these 2 lovely people were responsible for teaching children the art of First Aid, and were the recipients of the £500 donation. Tina thanked everyone connected to the British National Party for the kind generosity to which they received an applause. A break was called for everyone to re-fill their glasses and for a raffle and collection to take place. Alan Turnbull the Sub-Regional Organiser for South Yorkshire then took to the floor to speak about the EU and how 483 MP's and the ones from the Wakefield area had voted against giving the British public a referendum on the EU. Alan also went to University and gained a BA Hons Degree before joining the British Army, he served for 18 years in the Royal Dragoon Guards retiring with the rank of Lieutenant Queens commission.

After Alan's tremendous speech on the EU, Darren then took over the floor, he asked for activists to get more involved in the branch, and that if anyone couldn't get actively involved for fear of losing their jobs because of their Employers discrimination towards the BNP then they could become ''silent activists'' by donating via a standing order mandate form in which they could donate anything from £1 to what-ever they could afford each month and presented the forms to the audience, He said '' this is a new concept handed down by Party Central HQ so that branches and groups could become financially strong for campaigns such as the election materials which were valuable towards winning elections. Darren then went onto the protest in Blackpool the previous Tuesday when around 70 members of the British National Party conscended on Blackpool to get justice for Charlene Downes the 14 year old schoolgirl who went missing pressumed dead by the hands of Muslims takeaway owners on Dickson Road, some of the audience looked on in anger after Darren explained what had allegedly happened to Charlene. Darren then explained about the postal vote registration forms that he had printed off and how the party had decided that the best way forward now to gain councillors was to ask people to fill these forms out to guarantee votes same as the Labour Party. The meeting then came to an end and Darren thanked everyone for coming and for them to have a safe journey home.

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