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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Medical equipment bought with £500 donation.

Darren Lumb the Wakefield & 5 Towns British National Party Organiser was invited back to the Yorkshire First Aid Society based in South Elmsall near Pontefract, where he was shown what they had bought with the £500 donation. The Superintendent Mrs Tina Wood and her husband Frank told Darren that they bought a top of the range stretcher and brand new blankets, they have also ordered 4 special boxes of medical bandages and plasters, the total cost being £563, Tina said  ''We just couldn't have done this without Darren's help he is a champion when it comes to helping in his community''. When Darren arrived at the society's venue, the Miners Institute on Barnsley Road, the children were all ready in full swing learning how to use the stretcher. Darren said ''how he was amazed how quick they had ordered and paid for the equipment, it must be only about 3 weeks since he presented the cheque''. And that he was pleased with the progress of the youngsters who were learning very fast in the art of saving peoples lives. After Darren had been shown the equipment he was presented with a special thank you card which was made by the children, ''Im speechless'' said Darren '' you shouldn't have done this for me, I just wanted to help you and hope you maintain your learning in the importance of first aid but thank you very much, I will treasure this''.

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