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Wednesday, 3 August 2011


Traitors amongst us

Regular readers of Sarah maid of Albions blog will be aware of her essays entitled Genocide by stealth. when evil forces set out to erase or “ethnically cleanse” a race of people it is not always necessary to use gas chambers, armies or weapons of mass destruction. There are other more subtle and gradual means by which an ethnic group can, by a mixture cajoling and encouragement, be made to shift, inch by inch towards the precipice beyond the rim of which lies their destruction.

Although all genocide is evil, genocide by stealth, albeit less bloody in the immediate sense, requires true malevolence to carry it off. For it is a crime not committed in hot blood but in cold, and it is committed over a protracted period which may take many decades to complete. Also, unlike most other genocides, the perpetrators of genocide by stealth, clearly do not consider their victims to be a threat to them, neither do they have cause for any personal desire for revenge, which might explain, if not excuse what they do. It is genocide committed merely for the sake of an agenda.

As such, these perpetrators are perhaps even more heinous of other such monsters. They have no redeeming features, no excuse for what they do. They were not caught up in a crazy moment of history, they have no bereavements unhealed wounds or historical grievances to avenge. They have had all the time in the world to contemplate what they are doing without being driven by any emotional trigger or sense of unbearable loss and pain. They are without compassion without morals and without redemption

They have lived their whole lives amongst their intended victims and have benefited greatly from doing so. They are children of the same culture yet they have complete contempt for it and have spent their adulthood working for its destruction.

Some of them take the roles of propagandists and create new fake worlds of lies designed to misrepresent and undermine the civilisation they hate, that is to say, our civilisation. They are the journalists, the movie makers, the commentators and general effluent better known as the media. A new book by a young writer called Benjamin Shapiro entitled Primetime Propaganda The true Hollywood story of how the Left took over your TV exposes the degree of misrepresentation which goes on in America. (yes the writer is Jewish I know that matters to some of you – but this young man appears to be on our side, and we would be fools to allow his religion to blind us to the truth he has exposed.)

For instance in this telephone interview with John Langley the creator of the US TV show “Cops” which claims to portray street crime in America, Langley freely admits he deliberately over represents white crime levels and under represents that committed by “people of colour” by approximately 100% in each direction.
I have written a number of articles on the subject myself and I recommend Ben Shapiro's book.

It would be interesting to read a similar expose in Britain, can anyone doubt for instance that the BBC struggle to balance the ethnic make up of the crimes they portray on Crimewatch or how selective they have to be to ensure that there are at least 50% white villains amongst the "wanted faces" reported on by their BBC approved mixed race policeman come D list, and occasionally half nude, celebrity Rav Wilding.

However, the media are merely the spin doctors, they have a lot of influence but to do real damage you need real power, and over the last half century we have consistently granted power to politicians who are committed to the destruction of our society, and us along with it.

Throughout the western world, we have voted for men and women who actively hate us and who will stop and nothing to inflict as much harm as they can upon us. The American public have not yet realised quite how malevolent the man currently occupying the White House and his administration are, however, we in Britain were, this time well ahead of them in electing our own political assassins.

Amongst the most evil of those politicians elected to power in Britain were those who made up the New Labour party who we voted into power in 1997, and kept there for thirteen long years. It is gradually becoming clear that in those thirteen years New Labour did more deliberate damage to our nation, and to our people than any enemy we have ever faced before.

This brings me to the point of this item, in a superb article published on the Gates of Vienna blog last month writer Paul Weston shone a light on the level of treachery the New Labour party under was guilty of. The link to Paul Weston's article is pasted below,and I recommend you circulate it widely:

Why Is This Not Treason?

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